I'm so confused. I can barely remember what I saw, not to mention what everybody else has been saying. I can't remember if I saw something creepy or scary or weird or some type of animal. Guinevere is confused, I can tell, but I can't even pinpoint the reason I was screaming.

All I remember is darkness. A thick wood door, a face of some kind, my scream. And then running. Running for my life.


We reach the top of the building and I let out a sigh. We had gotten off the elevator about three quarters of the way up because Ro didn't want to ride the elevator (last time she did it got stuck). Finally she opened the door and made us use the stairs -- and might I point out that tourists aren't supposed to use the stairs.

Anyway, we end up at the top and I sit for a while, watching below us. For some reason Ro doesn't seem as afraid of heights as she did before.

We meander around the building for a while, and after getting some souvenirs we head back down. Out on the streets the day is cold and windy. Not the best day for shopping, or being outside even. The clouds are out, hiding the sun from view. We decide to head back to our hotel until tonight.

We get back and hang out. We talk for a while (well, mostly Ro and Guinevere). I sit by the window, watching the cars below us.

All of a sudden, red eyes look up at me from the ground. And I scream. Again.


"What?!" Guinevere rushes over to look down. "There's nothing there!"

"T-there was a thing. Something. It looked like..." my voice trails off.

"Looked like what?" Ro asks softly.

I am silent. I can't mess up this trip. I can't tell them what I saw in the basement of the bookshop, or just a minute ago.

"It was nothing," I say, my voice calming down. "Probably just..I don't know. It was nothing guys."

I find myself worrying about what it was though. I still can't decide. But I can't worry. This is their trip, and I am not messing it up. After a minute, Guinevere tells me to look up. I look her in the eyes.

"Scarlett, tell us what happened in the bookshop. We need to know. From the beginning," she says. Her tone is extremely serious. 

I shake my head. I can't ever tell them what happened. And I will not.

The End

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