An Unsure Resolve

Guinevere's Perspective

I honestly don't know what to think.

Scarlett isn't acting normal. Sure, she's acting sweet and poised and confident, and anyone who would see her wouldn't think she looked unusual...but she's being unusual, in comparison to the normal Scarlett.

Truthfully, Ro isn't acting normal, either. But I know there's an explanation for that: a certain charming waiter who she's been texting all day. Even now, as I look over, she's got that sheepish "I'm texting Rixon" look on her face. When Ro catches me watching her, she blushes and shoves the phone back in her pocket. I wink at Ro, and she gives me a bright but worried smile.

No, things haven't been normal ever since Scarlett walked down those stairs. And something tells me they'll never be normal again. Never.

"How about we go to the Empire State Building?" Scarlett suggests. Ro and I look at each other, confused.

"Uh...yeah," I say.

"We already decided on that, I thought," Ro interjects.

"Oh, yes, I suppose I tend to be a bit ditzy at times," Scarlett says with a laugh. "What time is it? I'm hungry."

Nevermind that we just ate lunch.

Neither of us answer Scarlett's question, since we're so concerned about what's going on.

Ro tries another approach. "Why did you like the bookshop so much, Scarlett?"

Scarlett shrugged. "I know I usually hate to read, but there was such a beautiful atmosphere in that one. You both love to read - you know what I mean. It's a wonderful feeling, being surrounded by so many books."

"Did you find any books in the basement?" I ask.

Scarlett nods. "Yes, there was a whole bunch of them on one side of the room," she says. "I guess they didn't have enough books to fill the other side. Maybe you should go down there sometime - it's quite enchanting."

"Yeah, maybe we should," I say. Part of me is curious as to what exactly Scarlett saw. The other part is afraid - what made her scream? 

I shake my head. Maybe I'm losing my mind. Maybe Scarlett didn't scream. But then, why did Ro hear her, too?

Ro and I let Scarlett walk ahead of us. I whisper in Ro's ear, "Am I losing my mind? Didn't we both hear her scream?"

"Yeah," Ro says. "But maybe she did scream, and she's just embarrassed of it. Maybe nothing happened at all." Ro holds her head high, and I'm quite ashamed. She's probably right. How embarrassing! I can't believe I allowed myself to wear my worries on my sleeve. I silently vow to never, ever let it happen again.

Scarlett glances behind her. "Come on, guys!" she exclaims. "There's so much more to see!"

Ro's probably right. I set my shoulders back and try my best to shove thoughts of the day's happenings out of my mind.

The End

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