What was that?


I will never forget that scream. Scarlett's ear ripping scream. Me and Guinevere raced to the back of the store where Scarlett was slowly walking up froma hidden staircase. Her skin was pale but her face was completely calm. I notice her jacket was now done up and the collar tugged up.

"Are you okay?" I asked panicked. Scarlett tilts her head looking honestly confused.

"I'm fine" she says slowly.

"We heard a scream. Your scream. Did you get hurt?" The words rush out of my mouth my tongue tripping over one and moving on to the next.

"I didnt scream" Scarlett says smiling like she thought we were messing around. "Are you two playing a game?"

"No" Guinevere said harshly. "We heard you scream. Both of us. You definetly screamed. Is there something down there?"

"No" Scarlett says moving in her way. "But I would go down. Its just dusty books and a hell of a lot of spiders" I cant stop the shiver that runs across my skin and the feeling like one is sneaking up my leg beneath my jeans now.

"I think we should go" I whisper feeling like I want to cry. Guinevere notices and nods slowly.

"Okay" she says putting an arm round me in comfort. We walk out of the shop slowly and once we've put it far behind us I relax. Scarlett walks beside me with an almost skip in her step. Theres just something off about her.

She did scream. I know she did cause Guinevere heard it too. It wasnt me freaking out. "Wasnt that shop nice?" Scarlett says suddenly. Guinevere and I look at her shocked.

"Y-you hate bookshops" I stutter.

"Well, that one was nice" she says with a huff. Too be honest that shop was nice in its range of books but there was filth everywhere. I look at Guinevere worries who shakes her head and shrugs.

"Shall we go to the empire state building?" I ask brightly. Both Guinevere and Scarlett nod.


We head to the empire state building after stopping for lunch, which went quite oddly I must add, and I must admit I panicked quite a bit but also.. I was calmer. I had been calmer since last night with Rixon. The heights frightened me but when I saw that the studyness of the barriers I relaxed a bit. Gosh, could a boy do that to me.

"You're quite calm" Guinevere notes to me.

"Oh, um, yeah" I mutter blushing. I watch her smile and nudge me gently.

"Is it cause of a certain someone?" she teases. I see the glint in her eyes showing her pain and sadness. I realise this must be cause of Emmett. I frown.

"Are you okay, Guinevere?" I ask gently. She looks aways.

"Yeah, just old memories" she says still keeping her head high. I nod and we gaze out at New York City for a long long while. Its then I realise Scarlett is silent. I look at her too my left and see a dazed look on her face.

What happened to her down those stairs?

The End

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