Dressing up


"No" I squeak as Scarlett tugs me along, Guinevere walking slowly after us. I clutch the strap of my new bag finding myself flustered and trying to tug back and away. Scarlett just holds my hand firm though tugging me along. She rolls her eyes at me. "Come on, Ro. You've been texting that guy all day! And now he wants to meet you. You are not missing this"

"What is he's..." my voice trailed off. To be honest when I thought of Rixon I just saw a that wink and cocky smile he had given me at the restaurant. All my fears slipped out of my mind and a nice calm feeling purred through my veins.

"Cant think of anything?" Scarlett teases. I blush a bright red and both of my friends chuckle.

"Why I never" Guinevere says looking completely and utterly shocked. "I never thought you'd not be freaking out, Ro"

I sigh and look down at the blue ruffled dress that stops three inch about my knee. I think about my mum and dad then. They'd be in love... could I have that? I took a deep breath and tilted my chin up. I walked ahead and Scarlett's hand dropped from my wrist. They watched me walk the rest of the way to the reception.

Rixon stood in there leant against a pillar. His hands were shoved in his pocket and when he saw me that cocky smile slipped across his lips. I felt fear wash over me again and began to fidget. I heard my friends groan behind me telling me they noticed. "Hey" Rixon said leaning down and kissing my cheek.

The touch of his lips on my skin sent a flush across my cheeks. "Hi" I squeaked back. Rixon chuckled and pulled a hand out of his pocket holding it out. After a moment I realised he wanted me to take it so I slow gripped his hand. He squeezed back and then jerk his head to the door.

"Come on, the shows in 30. If we dont set off now we're gonna be late" he says flashing me a smile.

I look back over my shoulder at my friends and Scarlett gestures wildly for me to go. So I do but take every step one at a time. We reach out side and I shiver realising I only have a small jacket on top of this off the shoulder short sleeve dress. Soon enough though we're at a car and Rixon is opening the door. I begin to fidget even more and bite my lip. Rixon notices and smiles with a wink.

"It okay" he says holding out his hand. I take it letting him help me into the two seated car. I shift and sit snugly in the seat. The cushioning so soft. I pull my legs together realising the shortness of my dress. Rixon gets in and smiles.


I walk into the hotel room quietly. "Tell me everything!" Scarlett yells jumping up. I scream and ear piercing scream and she winces.

"Wo! Ro, its okay" Guinevere says coming up and grasping my shoulder. I stop my breathing quick. "Whats the matter with you, Scarlett?" Guinevere snaps turning on her.

"Sorry" Scarlett mutters. I give a sigh of relief and walk into the room finding my pjarmes. When I come back out Scarlett and Guinevere are sat on there beds waiting. They both smile sneekily. "So... what happened?" Scarlett presses.

"Um, we went to the show it was.... Hairspray and then he drove me back" I say recalling the way he held my hand. Glance at me occasionally through the musical.

"Nothing else?" Scarlett suddenly says after a moment of silence. "No kissing? No sneaking little comments"

"Um, no" I mutter blushing. "He was a gentleman. He held my hand"

"Wow" Guinevere mutters then she shrugs. "At least she went out"

Scarlett sighs heavily falling back onto her bed. "Gosh, I was waiting for slimy, juicy details"

I shift nervously. "Sorry" I mutter.

"Its okay, Ro" Guinevere says.

The End

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