A Morning of Shopping

"Please take us -- well, where are we going guys?" I ask them.

"Let's start with downtown," Guinevere says. Then, turning to the driver says, "Downtown, please!"

He nods and starts ahead. Thankfully we're not too far from the heart of New York and we're soon getting out of the taxi. I thank the driver and pay, after looking at Ro, who seems to be obsessing about how she's going to pay for all this. I assumed I'd have to take over anyway.

"Where to first, guys?" Guinevere asks.

"I don't know. How about we just make our way down the streets?" I suggest.

"Streets? As in, plural?" Ro questions. "What about pick-pocketers? Wouldn't it be taking less of a risk if we stuck to one street?"

"Ro," I whine.

She nods her head and tells us to continue on. I can tell she's not going to give up easily, but at least she'll give it a rest for a while. We step into a shop and I'm immediately in love! 

"Oh my god, look at this dress Guinevere! I love it!" I exclaim. It's beautiful fall colors -- red, orange, yellow, and a pale brown all in an abstract pattern. A v-neck (not too low) and it's sleeveless! I glance at the price tag, and immediately my face falls -- $500. My dad would kill me if I spent that much money on a dress. 

I tell myself to calm down, knowing that there will be plenty more clothes to try on. Don't go crazy Scarlett, keep your cool. Guinevere laughs at the expression on my face. I smile, knowing that she is sensing my excitement. Maybe this won't be so overwhelming.

"Let's start with accessories. It's easier -- we can work more on clothes later this afternoon," I say softly, my face slightly red.

"Sounds good to me," Guinevere replies.

We browse for a little while, and after purchasing a bracelet and necklace that I just had to have, we leave the store and move on. "Aren't you proud of me? I only got a necklace and a bracelet!" I tell them.

"If you got a necklace and a bracelet for each store we went into, you'd be broke by tomorrow!" Guinevere laughs. I smile, knowing that she's right.

I'm going to try to get Ro to buy something in this next store. Maybe this will have something more her taste. "Hey Ro, what about this one?" I ask, holding up a pale blue dress with a few ruffles and a short v-neck. "Yeah, I like that one," she replies, smiling a bit. I smile back. I push her into the dressing room and make her try it on. A few minutes later she comes out, looking as beautiful as ever.

"I LOVE it!" Guinevere says. I have to say I agree. It is totally her style and fits perfectly. "You have to get it," I tell her. She softly replies that she will, and I smile widely. "Go Ro!" I exclaim. She smiles back at me, and I know she wants to buy it.

After a few hours of shopping we ponder where to go for lunch. Guinevere picks a pizza place down the street. Eagerly, we all rush in, having been half starved to death from a morning of shopping.

The End

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