Here We Come!

Guinevere's Perspective

I run my fingers through my shower-tousled hair and just sit for a moment, enjoying the beauty of not having to rush places. Back at college, I'd always been cramming for tests or being kept up because my roommate wasn't back from parties yet. That's what's different about me  - I'm not a partier. At least, not in the college sense of the word.

I begin to worry about my next semester, which will be coming all too quickly when summer gets over. I've never been one to worry, except about my grades. I'm never satisfied with anything less than an A+.

Shaking myself, I remind myself that we're in New York, and I should leave college behind at, well, college. Ro is taking awhile eating her French toast, but after closing my eyes and whispering a blessing, I dig right in. I wonder how much the meal cost, and I ask Ro so.

"Mmm, I don't know."

"You mean you didn't check the price?" I ask, incredulous.

"It's not a big deal," Ro shrugs.

Not a big deal? I've got hardly any money to spend on shopping, let alone delivered meals! I can practically visualize money rolling out of my bank account. Still, however, I remain collected. No use making a fuss out of something that's irrevocable.

Scarlett steps out of the bathroom, toweling her wet hair and sniffing the aroma-filled air. "Smells good." She laughs. "Let's hurry and eat so we can go shopping!"

I'm still inwardly stressing about how I'm going to pay for stuff if Ro decides to keep wasting money like this, but I try not to let my body language betray my fears. With a sigh, I continue to eat the French toast and sip my orange juice. At least the food tastes good.

We finish our brunch before getting ready for shopping. I see Ro texting someone nervously. It's probably the waiter dude we met at the restaurant.

"Hey, Ro, who ya texting?" Scarlett asks.

Ro just blushes and shrugs.

Scarlett continues to tease Ro, but I'm phasing out again. Remembering Emmett. Wishing he was here with me.

"It's tough being a girl," I mutter. Ro and Scarlett don't hear. They're too busy exclaiming over the waiter's text.

I hail a taxi, and we all get in. 

New York City shopping, here we come!

The End

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