Waking at Night

I only sleep long enough to sustain myself for the next day and wake at 6am in the morning. I get up quietly and move to grab a silent shower. I slip beneath the quite cool water. I make sure it is the exact right temperature. I wash my hair with my special shampoo making sure to keep the soap out of my eyes.

I scrub it deep into my scalp till I can feel the tingle on the skin of my head. I wash it out quickly and repeat twice moving onto body wash. I go through my whole washing routine before when I get out starting a new routine with my teeth and face. I then dry my hair having rubbed in creams into the root and hair. I dry my hair and use only my brush. I then pack all my bathroom kit into my little toiletry bag.

I dress in the bathroom and walk out to find both my friends still zonked out. I sigh putting hands on hips. I look at the clock which flickers 8:03am. They will not be up by 10am for breakfast. I sigh and move to the hotel telephone. I dial reception and call in for a brunch at 11:30am.

I then find myself fidgetting as worries begin to start eating me up inside. I shake my head and move to my bed picking up my book and falling into someone elses life. Its my only way of escape.


Guinevere wakes at 10:48am and then Scarlett follows at 11:25am. She gets really annoyed when she realises she's gonna have to wait for the bathroom.

"Hurry up, Guinevere!" Scarlett complains.

"Just go and wait!" Guinevere yells back through.

"I'm gonna be showering when breakfast arrives though" she continues not giving up.

"Shut it!" Guinevere yells but I hear the laugh in her voice. I cant help but giggle and Scarlett shoots me a desperate look but I just hide behind my book. Then someone knocks on the door. Scarlett squirms looking down at her pjarmes then me.

I squirm as well. She knows I dont like answering the door. What happens if its not hotel the staff and a murderer? What if the hotel staff is a murderer?

"Please" Scarlett begs and I give in getting to my feet.

"Fine" I says bouncing on my feet. I swing the door open hunching my body defensively ready to catch the person off guard if its not hotel staff but it is. I relax and step aside so he can weel the tray in.

"Good morning, miss" he says plesantly. "Nice lie in?"

"For my friends yes" I say pulling a note. $10 out of my pocket and handing it over. He looks at it briefly in amazement then stuffs it in his pocket. I've always been careless with money being a millions of pounds heir. "Thank you" I wave him out and he smiles.

"Thanks for the tip and have a nice day" he says and I close the door. I skip back to the push tray and push it into the main part of the room and not the entrance hallway.

"Here's brunch!" I call just as Scarlett slips into the bathroom. Guinevere smiles at me brightly.

"Yummy yummy" she says.

The End

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