A Hint of Jealousy?


Okay, so maybe I'm a little jealous. 

Whenever the the three of us - Scarlett, Ro, and I - go anywhere, it's always Scarlett who gets the attention. You see, Ro is pretty, but she's underconfident. I appear confident, but I'm not all that pretty. It's always been Scarlett who's the guy magnet, since she's confident and gorgeous.

But now, Ro? And such a cute guy? I've never gotten any guy's attention before. Well, not in a couple years, anyway. Not since Emmett. 

The thought of Emmett brings a familiar pang of pain, though the pain has gotten duller over the two years we've been apart. I quickly shove away any thought of Emmett and focus on the conversation. No use getting my emotions all confuzzled up again.

"So...what are we going to shop for?" I ask between bites of food.

"Anything and everything! We're in New York, and we're rich," Scarlett says with a laugh.

"You're rich," I say. "My mom paid for this trip so I could get a break from the family. I'm practically broke, what with college and all."

Ro is still eating her food, sneaking glances at the waiter. I'm annoyed, but I don't show it. Come on, Ro! We're in New York to be together, not to go all googly-eyed over some waiter who you'll never see again after we leave!

Oh, yippy skippy. What a fun trip THIS will be.

The End

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