New York City


"Oh my gosh!" I squeal as I race out onto the balcony I gaze out at the hotting noise city and cant help but smile. Then my fears hit me and I take a step back to I'm not leaning against the barrier. I mean what if there is a loose bolt? I could fall straight to my death being up here on the top floor.

"It is amazing" Guinevere says joining me. It was amazing that we found a room with three beds. I smile up at her brightly and I see a glimpse of a smile back. I turn and run back into the room beginning to unpack into my part of the wardrobe. "Seriously, Ro?"

I see both of them staring at my first aid kit, insect spray and just force myself to smile. Guinevere rolls her eyes and Scarlett gives me a supportive smile. I smile back and move on to my clothes.


"Um, I'll have... what's in the carbonara pasta?" I ask.

"She'll have that. Thank you" Guinevere jumps in before the waitor can speak handing back over our menus. I fidget in my seat and soon we have our drinks. I look at my drink trying to find a crack of smudge of dirt but find it perfect. The waitor who'd been watching me with an amused smile moved off once I smiled at him.

"You're not going to stop all holiday are you" Scarlett says with a small smile. I smile sheepishly and sip my drink making sure to avoid the ice cubes.

"Here, ladies" the waitor says arriving back. He places our plates down and when he does mine he slips paper beneath my plate. I look at him and he winks before moving away. I look at my friends who havent noticed and pull it out which then they do.

"What's that?" Guinevere asks.

"A... a phone number" I mutter blinking trying to take it in.

"The waitor gave you his number" Scarlett squeals and my friends turn to look at him. I panic.

"No, dont look" I say jumping up which just makes him look over anyway. I freeze blushing a bright red and drop back into my seat. I stare at my food embrassed.

"This must be a dream" Guinevere mutters. "I mean-"

"No you're right" I jump in looking at the piece of paper. "I never get phone numbers"

"Especially from guys" Scarlett adds. Then we all turn and look at him seeing him serving a group of giggling girls all flirting with him. "He doesnt seem weird either. He seems gorgeous"

Then he looks up at me and winks. I look away quickly. "Someone pinch me" I mutter. "Ow!" I squeal when Guinevere does so. I look up at her with sad eyes and she shrugs.

"You asked me to" she points out. I tuck the number safely in my li-okay, big handbag and then begin to eat.

"Shopping tommorow?" Scarlett says her eyes flashing brightly.

The End

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