The Flight

I guide Ro through the isle, making sure she is right behind me the whole time. Guinevere is going to be in the seat behind us. I hear her sigh softly but don't comment.

"Here we are!" I exclaim, "You can take the seat by the window, Ro."

She gives her thanks and slides into the seat. I automatically pull out a magazine and start reading, only to sense Guinevere's boredom instantly. "I can't wait to get there!" I say loudly, hoping to relieve her of her boredom. Much to my dismay she only gives her reply of, "me too," and sits back in her seat, looking out the window. I turn back to my magazine.

"We will take off in five minutes. Please make sure you have buckled your seat belts. All electronic devices should be turned off until further consent. Have a nice flight!" the attendant recites.

I watch as Ro double checks that her seat belt is fastened and looks out the window with clear anxiety on her face. "Come on, Ro. Stop worrying so much! Have a little fun!" I know as soon as the words come out of my mouth that it was not the thing to say. Ro looks at me with an expression on her face that says, you really think that? I look down at my magazine and say, "I'm sorry, Ro. That was the wrong thing to say. I just...we're going to have a good time, okay?" I give her a reassuring smile and she just turns her head back to the window. She whispers very softly this time, and I know she's hurt, but she says, "It's okay. I can tell you and Guinevere think that. I'm fine." I immediately feel guilty but know that there is nothing more to say. What's done is done.

"Hey, Scarlett, what're you looking forward to most?" Guinevere asks excitedly.

"Shopping, shopping, and shopping! I can't wait! Oh, and someone else told me that there is a really cozy bookstore there -- in New York! So  guess I'll like that, too," I reply.

Guinevere says that she can't wait to explore, and hopes she will find something she likes. I nod and turn back to Ro. She's happily looking out the window now, trying not to look too strained -- Ro is extremely afraid of heights. I smile at her again.

About an hour later we grab snacks from another flight attendent. I snack on my pretzels while I think about the trip ahead of us.

A few hours later the flight attendant tells us we've reached our destination. I giggle excitedly (I often do that when I'm happy). Guinevere tries to hide her excitement but I can tell she's excited, too. Even Ro looks really happy. We walk slowly down the isle until it's our turn to get off. We meander through the airport and pick up our bags after getting something to eat. Finally it's time to grab a taxi and get to our hotel.

I take a peek outside. The sights and sounds of New York immediately draw me in. They're breathtaking. 

I take a step forward and breathe it all in.

The End

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