Underneath New York

Three friends travel to New York ready for a month of shopping, partying and possibly meeting boys but when one friend gets lured underground the other friends follow finding something they did not expect.

Rosana Ferret

"Rose!" Scarlett complained as I lagged behind trying to pull my heavy suitcase along and suffering. I'm very petite and its not fair. Especially since like maybe I could fall over and then someone could stand on me then I could- Calm down! I scream mentally at myself chasing after my two best friends as we reach the baggage check in.

"Sorry" I apologize breathless. Scarlett smiles sympathetic and Guinevere rolls her eyes. I sigh feeling so weak and useless.

"You're not useless" Guinevere says and I realise I said my last thought out loud. I blush. Oh god, what if I-

"Calm down, Ro" Scarlett says putting a hand on my shoulder my whole body still shaking slightly beneath her touch. Yes, I'm a scardy cat. I admit it and no, I am not proud. People think I do it on purpose. Like that time when I said I couldnt eat my pasta when I found only one hair.

I had a point though. What if someone's germs were in it and I got sick? What if there was another hair and it made me choke and die?! Okay, I may be a bit paranoid as well. I watch Scarlett and Guinevere check-in first which leaves me.

"Bag up here please" the check-in man says gesturing to the convayer belt. I try and lift it and I hear Guinevere sigh before coming over and helping. I also hear the impatients of the other passagers behind me and the look of amusement from the check-in lad.

I blush a bright cherry red and finish the rest of my check-in quickly so I can then scurry away. Scarlett pats my shoulder and Guinevere tries to give me a supportive smile. "Things are gonna be fine, Ro" Scarlett says.

"Yeah, we're going to New York" Guinvere adds with ethusiam which I can tell is a slight bit forced. I sigh.

"Yes, but  what is the plane crashes cause of turbalance? What if-"

"Ro!" both my friends say together in firm tones. I blush looking at the toes of my sneakers.

"Sorry" I mutter knowing they hate it when I do that cause sometimes I freak them out to and then we're all freaking out. Like that time in the haunted house tour and all of us just kept screaming even Guinevere who does believe in ghosts.

We next go through security and gets what happens. I set the gate of. I squeak terrified causing the security guard a load of amusement when I babble out how it might be my belt and that I'm not a terrorist. My friends just wait for me looking so completely embarassed when I'm finally let away having discovered I left a coin in my pocket they just shake there heads and we continue on.

"Sorry" I mutter again.

"No problem, Ro" Scarlett sighs while Guinevere stays silent. Seriously, I dont like freaking out about everything that moves, makes a noise or even just exists.

The End

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