Unanswered Questions

Looking for the answers to a number of unanswered questions that life has suddenly come up with.

Life has suddenly taken an u-turn.  There I was seated next to the driver's seat sometime back and  now I suddenly  find myself out of the car while I see it on the other lane waving me good bye. What happened?  Was I asleep,while I was thrown out?  The person who was my shadow ,my future, was waving past me. How did are paths divert? How did he choose to live without me? My whole world has come shattering down, just like a castle of sand all my dreams have washed away with a single wave.  Why wasn't I informed?  Why wasn't I told?  All this while God was  sitting up there and watching the show. He saw my intensity he saw how my whole world revolved around this one person,why couldnt he stop me?  So many unanswered questions keep racing through my mind. Whom should I ask and who will answer them for me? Living my  life without him was the most scariest thought and today I have to live with it.

The End

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