"What a jerk!"

You hear yelling in the background. You can't make anything out. Your nose is gushing blood and your head is spinning. No, no that's the room. The room is definitively spinning. you hear the door slam. sounds just like your head did when it bounced off the floor. Or was that the wall?

Your vision clears a bit. Natalie Portman is crouched over you, trying desperately to shove a clothe under your nose. 

"Are you okay? Oh my god! What an ass!"

You are quite enjoying the attention. She helps you sit up  against the couch. You manage to hold the clothe under your own nose. 

"I think it's broken." you try to say through the clothe but it comes out muffled and garbled. 

She gets up and runs into the kitchen saying something about being right back. She promptly returns with some ice in a bag and gently takes your head into her hands, leaning it back as she applies it. Her skin is soft. Her fingers tickle your stubble. 

"You poor thing. I mean that wasn't the best decision to agitate a deranged pizza delivery guy the size of an ape but he didn't have to hit you! Can you stand up?"

You try to stand, slowly onto one knee then to the other. You push off and immediately fall. She tries to catch you and you fall together, into a heap on the couch. Her proximity is nice but you can't tell how bad you smell and you are slightly terrified of bleeding on her.

The End

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