You look blankly at him for a moment. He violently shakes your shoulders making your head flop around like the useless flaccid penis you feel you are. 

"Out with it man or by Odin's beard I will have to remove it from your tongue forcibly!"

You gulp. You don't doubt he would take your tongue with it. You nervously clear your throat. 

"Erm.. okay so go back outside take a left at the end of the street and keep going until you see a large red castle. If you've hit the world tree you've gone too far...?"

His eyes narrow. You relax as his hands fall from your shoulders. Your next thought is broken just like your nose as you sprawl across the floor, underwear flying. He turns and leaves out into the storm and it might be your throbbing head but you swear you here goats.

The End

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