"Donnie and I had a divorce."

"Oh my gosh," You say in a mocking valley girl accent. "But you guys were like meant to be forever!" Although your words have been humorously emphasized, in conjunction with overly exaggerated facial expressions, she'd have to be a complete fool to overlook the underlying accusation. 

She places her hands on her hips and juts them to one side, still eyeing you with those luminous orbs of emerald green. "I'm serious this time-"

"Oh so now your serious! You don't think I was serious when I made you that promise, hmm?" Your voice has risen to levels alarmingly higher than your normally reserved self is used to. You think of that night, so very long ago, when she came to your doorsteps, a rose snapped at the stem. It took you ages to mend the woman you loved; it was countless months wasted when she spurned your undying devotion in favor of the very man who'd shattered her in the first place.

"Tell me, why the hell I should even consider speaking to you, let alone helping you?"

The look on her face is one you've only glimpsed a handful of times. There's no joyous twinkle, no mischievous sparkle, no ulterior motive behind an innocent face. With the placid solemnity of a judge, she delivers her verdict.

"I'm pregnant."

The End

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