His chiseled features are just too perfect to be a product of natural selection. You know that there's no way in hell that someone could have such a robust build and only be the pizza boy. So, you deduce that he is a godly enigma, a deity from heaven who's descended to fight against his brother, an equally handsome but malevolent being. Your observations reveal several key points about yourself.

One is that you've been watching too many Hollywood superhero films. 

Two is that this Hemsworth look-a-like is without a doubt going to be infatuated with the bodacious woman sitting equally soaked on your couch.

Three is merely a reiteration of the first observation. You cheeky fellow you.

"By Odin's whiskers, Freyr does not seem to be in a favorable mood today. Would you not agree, stranger?" You open your mouth to say something, but are quickly interrupted by the girl sitting alone in your living room. She's only asking for something to drink, probably water. However, Pizza Guy Thor has a strange gleam in his eyes, much like the look on a cat once it's cornered it's pray and finished toying with it. "Hark, do my ears deceive me or has Aphrodite-"

"Wrong mythology."

"-has Freya herself lent her sweet, succulent voice to another?" He takes a firm but gentle hold of your shoulders with large hands. "I must know who this woman is! Do you know where I might find her?"

Short of moving several inches to the left and revealing the woman's not so secret hiding place, you tell him...


The End

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