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Her raincoat is a light teal, and you find yourself looking at deep, forest green eyes that were staring straight at your own. You had been trapped by those same eyes once before, but also very long ago.

You hurry to the door and open it, letting her in. So many questions race through your head. Why was she there? Where had she been all of this time? How long was she going to stay before disappearing once again?

"I like your new place." She comments as she takes her raincoat off and hangs it on your coat rack. The coat is dripping on your hardwood floor, which annoys you a bit. She's always so careless! So you grab her coat before it can do any more damage and take it to the kitchen, placing it in the sink. "Thank you. The wooden floor is my favorite part of it." You make sure she give her a look as you say this, and she just grins. Everything was always a joke with her.

"Why are you here?"

"What? Can't I visit my best friend?" She has such an innocent look on her face, and you know it well. You just stare at her from the kitchen doorway as she leaves muddy footprints on your floor, and now, on your white carpet. Your simple stare becomes a glare, and she just sighs as a response. "Why are you always so suspicious of me?" Her green eyes search for a weakness in your stance, something she could grasp at and use, but you won't give her anything. After all of these years, she hadn't changed a bit. But you had.

"I know it's been a long time--"

"Then why are you here."

You feel yourself tense as she advances towards you. Your face tells her to stop. The white carpet you had just bought weeks before is now covered in mud, and that just irritated you even more.

"Tell me. Now"

And what she said next was something you never expected to hear...

The End

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