Um... Writing exercise?

This was an exercise I did in High School

"Tweedle-dee-dee!" Spluttered the yellow bellied cranker-splot.

"Well, Brandy-eroo!" Twortled Gillie-gus. His brambled brinyrickus twimbled with his quoates. Along the rimble, the ramble did so love to roam, so Gillie-gus twortled all the was gafumtus.

Unfortunately, the yellow bellied cranker-splot gritted grimy gronkus so mutably, that Gillie-gus was interrupted in his twortling about the drimblebabble.

"Quoth quaraxus!" Bibbled Bepin.

"Drake dramaticus!" replated the yellow bellied cranker-splot.

"Xenos xeratimus!" Splurbed Gillie-gus.

Neither Bepin, Gillie-gus OR the yellow bellied cranker-splot cramed courteously. They mimbled on toward crackicus. But before crackicus was correctly crambled, all three developed acute blaperpoperus.

"Ah, ah, A SWORD!" blapered Bepin.

"Crinkly Creon's Crinilin!" blapered the yellow bellied cranker-splot.

"Purple packaged parcels!" blapered Gillie-gus.

"Very verbose!" revamped a ponderous dorkelpuff.

"Repoctornus?" queried Bepin.

"Nicht reparie!" Bluped the dorkelpuff. "meblase Ruffin!'

Thus, Gillie-gus, the yellow bellied cranker-splot, Bepin and Ruffin the dorkelpuff premomped a blopus mack against the rilled.

"Gemumppudus! Macbeth prilly morphedeus und blater mat." Bepin quirbled quirly.

"Dantes. Ruffin, blipperdee mase verbad." Gillie-gus blipid across to the yellow bellied cranker-splot. "Blambot? Drastick!"

Where upon Bepin, who was still quirbling quirly, promptly plarveted and died.

The End

The End

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