Skye Makintire -- Reggie

I was frozen to the spot. I couldn't move, my mind was screaming at my limb to move. . . but they were glued to the floor.

I closed my eyes, I didn't want to look at. . . it. I was terrified. For the first time in my life, I was really, really scared. My heart was incredibly beating fast and my stomach felt as though it had been ripped out of my body.

My hands were shaking as I put them to my face, again, I wasn't crying. I just wanted to hide my face from the stench and sight.

I don't know why I was frozen like this. I didn't when I faced the last werewolf. Was it because it was someone I knew? Was it because it was of that?

'Are you going to kill me?' A deep voice rumbled from above me. Was I? Would I kill Reggie? I don't understand why I'm so choked up over killing someone I just met. I just was.

'I don't know.' I answered honestly, 'I honestly have no idea.'

'Go on, hit me. Punch me, kick me, try to hurt me. You can't! Your feeble attaks can't hurt someone like me!' He snarled.

I shuffled forward, away from the tree. I didn't want to be near that creature.

'I feel like we could have been really good friends.' I said carefully, ' but now that your a... a... thing. Your something I don't like. It's crude and ugly and I don't want to be near you.' I carried on bluntly. It was crual, but he needed the truth.

There was a choking noise and something fell from the tree. I scuffed my feet on the floor and looked at my toes.

'What about now? Do you still feel discusted?' He asked me. He was back to normal, he was only wearing his jeans and I noticed how many muscles he had. It made me feel a little helpless.

'Dunno.' I muttered, and then I looked back at my feet.

'Look at me!' He shouted, I flinched, 'are you discusted?'

'I don't know!' I yelled, then in a smaller voice, 'I don't have a bloody clue what I think.'

So this is what it felt like to be on the verge of tears? It felt. . .odd. It felt as though there was a big bit of bread in my throat that I couldn't seem to swallow, and that there was a load of dust in my eyes. It sure was a odd sensation.

'If you don't know what you think, kill me.'He said in a tight voice, 'then you wont have anything to stop you.. It's not as if you like me,now, is it?'

I looked up, shocked, 'I do like you! Your my friend Reggie! That is why I don't want to kill you! Your an idiot and a pervert! But your kind! I don't want to kill you! But I'm going to!' I snarled loudly.

He took a step towards me, 'you wont kill me.'

'Oh yeah?'I said childishly.

'Yeah. Because you like me. You just admited it.' He smirked, I glowered at his stupid face.

'I'm not liking you at the moment!' I spat.

'I know, I know, I'm idot, right?'He snickered.. His voice was teasing, and his face was too. How can he go from wereworlf-killer-maching to funny human Reggie again?

'I don't get it.' I muttered, he stopped smirking to himself and looked at me, 'how can you go from something that vile to some one who can laugh and tease? How can you do it so quickly?'

He looked at me, frowning. He was hurt but I was never the sympathetic type.

'Vile...?' He questioned in a soft voice. It was tight and he was still frowning, 'you think I'm vile?'

'When your that thing. Your vile, scary and have a awfuk stench.' I said in a indifferent voice. He raised on eyebrow.

He looked embarased and was blushing a little.

'Hey, Reggie, are you blushing?' I laughed. I snickered and tried to keep a straight face as he tried not to look me in the face.

'You really are something, Skye. Teasing me like that.' He smiled gently, my breath caught.

Why was my heart beating so fast?

The End

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