Skye Makintire -- To Kill or not to Kill

I took off down the road, I thought that running at full-pelt would hopefully take my mind off the guilt I was feeling.

I was going to kill Reggie, that was unavoidable, but why now? Why did it have to be a order?

But it was because it was an order I had to do it. I didn't want to kill a guy who helped me escape from kidnappers, and yet, I didn't want to be kicked of Anon's Task Force!!

My mind was all jumbled up and my ears were buzzing. I stopped and leaned on my knee's.

Would I really kill him...?

Oh wait! Hang on! Why am I even considering saving Reggie's perverted arse? I've been told to get rid of the idiot, and thats what I'll do... yeah... I'll do that.

I smacked my forehead and grumbled. I carried on running along the country road, the wind whipping my hair out of my face.

I felt like having a bit of an adventure, so I trekked accross a field and into a little forest. I pulled out my penknife(courtesty of Anon) and marked a X on a tree. I did this every five minutes.

I was thinking about pleasent things like, how when I got back into the city I was going to buy THE biggest hot dog I could possibly find and eat it in four bites max. I smiled at my childish way of thinking. But then I thought about how thinking about killing someone wasn't very childish. Then my mission and Reggie popped back into my head, forcing out any thoughts of yummy hot dogs.

I sat down on the floor with my head in my hands. From a random persons point of view, I looked like I was crying, but I was thinking. Thinking so hard that I felt like my brain was gonna explode.

I never really been good at it, thinking. I've just done things instinctively using my limbs more than my mind. I don't silently plot in my head, I go straight for the kill...

Straight for the kill. Hm.

I laughed feebly.

'You look really weird laughing all on your own in a creepy way.' Someone in front of me pointed out. I looked up and found my self backing away.

'Go away. Or I'll kill you.'I grumbled.

'That didn't sound very enthusiastic, now, did it?'Reggie laughed, 'was it because the last time I saw you I kissed you or because you really just want a punch bag?'

'Go away, werewolf!'I spat at him. He gasped and looked very shocked.

'How did... how did you...?'

'Because it's my mission to seek out a werewolf who goes by the name of Reggie Eclipse. Know him?' I asked sarcastically.

'Are you gonna kill me? 'Cause if you do, you know I'll fight back.' He growled, his voice suddenlt lowering in pitch.

I squinted at him, his nails were growing out fast and his face was morphing and moving into a face with wolfish features. I gasped and crawled backwards, I got up quickly and spun around.

He wasn't there.

Crap. Oh no, this wasn't good at all. Reggie had seen me fight, he knew how I worked with my technique.

Something sticky dripped onto my shoulder, I put a finger to it. It smelt of dog. It must be... saliva...

I slowly looked up to be, much to my dismay, face to face with a very dog-like Reggie Eclipse.

Well, this mission just got much harder that I anticiapted it to be....

The End

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