Behind the wicked smile


The moon shone through sheets of thin clouds, imposing itself in the sky, dimming the stars surrounding it. It showered me with its grace rendering my skin its lunar glow. Surrounding me were light particles, a constant reminder of being outcast. My feet walked the deserted road in this night, my white cloak trailing noiselessly behind me. My face concealed under shadows, shame or guilt? Perhaps I was the devil in disguise.

A movement behind me snapped me out of my thoughts. Quick and light steps followed me in this winding road, I feared nothing. I continued my monotonous and rhythmic pace, my ears straining for more sounds. My eyes searched for my hands underneath the cloak, it was bright as always.

Grunts and moans were echoed in front of me.

I stopped on my tracks and turn to watch the owner of the sounds, before me I saw the abnormal size of the human in front of me. He had slightly bended horns protruding from his temples, his skin was covered with metal scabs, his chin had overgrown the size of his face. The footsteps behind me subsided, unmovable.

"Poor creature," I said in a soft, pitying voice. "You have fallen from the grace of God. " I reached out to touch his arm, with a smile in my face. "You are not alone..."

He stepped back, avoiding contact, his dark eyes lost in mine. He babbled and dawdled unintelligent sounds, he swayed on his bare feet forward. He raised his arms and brought them down on me. I stepped aside, he stumbled forward, when he was hunched I took the opportunity and elbowed him hard on his spine.

He smashed the sidewalk, denting it. I turned to face the creature, towering him, seeing him from above as I used to do when in grace.

"Say goodbye to this world for God sings for the hopeless," I say, wedging my hand and striking the creature with speedy force. My arm pierced his body, I heard him whine, a smile spread in my face. I dislodged my arm and quickly step aside as I let his blood drained from his lifeless body. 

At the smell of blood, my back ached terribly. I groaned in pain as I fell to my knees, panting, praying for the hurt to cease. Memories flashed in my mind, the pain, the hurt, my battered and bloody wings in the clouds, and my severed body lying beside it.

Hands rested on my shoulder, my defensive instinct called for action. With my wedged hand I grazed the figure.

"Ouch! Wait, I am not here to hurt you," a male voice said.

I turn to look at him, he was young with golden hair and jade colour eyes. "You were following me..."

He handed me the handkerchief tied on his neck, "clean yourself."

My cold eyes bored his soft features, I took the handkerchief and wiped away the blood off my arm. "Thank you," I say as I saw him caressing the laceration in his arm. "I am sorry." In one hand I took his arm and with the other I yanked a strand of my silver hair, wrapping it around the wound. "Heal," I whispered.

The strand of hair immediately began glowing, new skin tissue was stretching across the man's arm. The strand of hair turn black and the wound was healed completely.

"Amazing..." he breathed, taking the stand in his hand and examining it closely.

I stood up, the pain in my back was gone when the blood was fully removed. "I have to get going."

He jolt up and stopped me, "I saw what you can do, I am here from Anon, he needs your help with something..."

"I am sorry, I don't know Anon, you must've mistaken me for someone else."

"We've been watching you for some time, we believe the world is coming apart, evil lurks around. Take it this way, we seek salvation and you seek redemption, help us."

I smiled at him, "I see you've spy on me long enough."

"Not long enough to decipher what's behind the wicked smile," he grinned and beckoned me to follow him into the night.

[What lies beneath-- Breaking Benjamin]

The End

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