Skye Makintire -- Impossible Mission... why?

I had been staying in the giant, concreate warehouse of Anon's for a week now. Their workers had set up screens in a corner with a bed behind them.

I'm in heaven, I've not slept in a real, comfy bed with a real, soft quilt and real, plush cushions for a year or so now.

If I could, I'd stay in this bliss bed forever, but Anon has already sent me out on two 'missions'. I didn't think killing things I didn't even know existed would be so. . . easy.

OK, that big wolf that Anon claimed was a werewolf had been a bit more tricky than I imagined, but the big flying, furry thing with big teeth was easy to kill.

I felt a little bad after, I've never actually killed something except bugs before. So it is hard for me to get a grip of myself.

I crawled out of bed and stood up. I wish everyday was like this, but I was going to have to leave soon.

I picked my new clothes up off the floor, and got changed quickly. It made me a little self-consious that Anon had put camera's everywhere(everywhere!!!) when they knew very well that I was sleeping in... my...uhh... under-clothing.

I stepped out from behind the paper-screens when the big telly at the back of the room switched on, making me squint from the bright light.

Today, Anon was a computerised man with a womens voice. I looked up, was I going to go on another mission?

'Hello, Skye.' Anon greeted me, I grunted a tired reply, 'according to my data, you have succesfully slayed the two creatures?'

'Uhh.' I mumbled.

'Yes, very well. I have a new mission for you today, Skye. There is a werewolf who has learned the technique on transforming at will, I will need need you to dispose of him.'

'Wait... Anon, this is the first time you've given a creaute a gender... why?' I asked curiously.

'Ah, well that is because you are already aquainted with this mysterious man, or should I say boy?' Anon pondered, then carried on, 'I need you to get rid of a werewold who goes by the name of Reggie Eclipse.'

I choked  for a second. Then recovered from the shock.

'I'm sorry, Anon, I thought you just told me to kill Reggie.' I snorted.

'I did.' Anon replied.

I felt as though it was impossible. But why? He's not my friend!

'He is definatly not my friend!' I declaired outloud.

'Ah, well that is good. That will make it easier to dispose of the werewolf.And also, I feel that there will be a newcomer joining our forces very soon, I beleive you also know him too.' Anon said with a smile in their voice. The giant plasma switched off. I ignored the last bit, not thinking about any other person that may be joining our Task Force.

  I looked at my hands.

I don't know why they were shaking.

I also don't know why it felt like Anon had gone and asked me to kill one of my friends...

The End

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