A fight in the lower levels of Trading post Mirask



I fell back into unconsciousness after the pink haired scarlet or Skye girl left, and dreamed of nothing but darkness, until finally awakening with a killer headache in a moist darkened place with my hands tied behind my back.

"Uhh, this can't be good." I moan  trying to move my sore body which appeared to have taken a severe beating.

"Ahh looks like our little private investigating agent has woken up?" A women says from above as blinding light clunks on causing my eyes to shut and scream in pain.

"What am I doing here?" I groan.

"Our boss want his information about Anon, now. He is tired of waiting so he decided he wants his money's worth back, as well as his information."

"He could have asked nicely." I reply my voice coming back. The woman drops down and kicks my chest, before kneeling down.

"No tough guy act okay? Or I'll kick your head in, got it carrot top?" 

" Hmm I don't think you said it clearly enough can you say it one more time?" I growl.She picks me up with one hand making me realize her arms where the same size of a python.

"Guys like you piss me off!" She says with a left hook to the face making me black out momentarily as I slam into a wall.

"Sarah we need him alive, get what we want out of him then beat him like a dog beats a dog toy, not the other way around." A jovial male voice says from above.

"He is resisting, sir."

"Of course he is going to resist, these guys are trained like spys you won't get much out of them by beating them around." The jovial voice replys. My grasp on reality was slipping again, my head nodding off a bit, but I fought off the urge to fall into unconciousness. I needed to get out of this situation before I get ripped off and left for dead with this beast of a woman. My vision started to come back the woman turning to me surprised, I was conciousse.

"Want more vegetable head?"

"No, I think I got your point. But I must say my grandmother hits harder than you, I could show you how throw a punch in an honest fight." I reply not sure if I was making the right choice in the condition I was in.

"You little punk!"

"Sarah stop, untie him, he can't escape anyways, lets show Mr Decloak here who is stronger."

"With pleasure." She licks her lips, quickly untie me, and giving me little time to get to my feet she goes to punch me. I roll out of the way into a standing position," Good you have instincts." 

"I have more then that." I say my balance on the verge of unbalanced I charge forwards underneath a slow moving punch and jump up to knee the monster like woman in the jaw. Her head snaps back as my other leg  comes around to his her on the side of the head. She stay still as I fall on my butt.  Her head was locked in the staring up position. Did I break her neck?  Crack! I roll backwards and get stand up as she cracks her neck a bunch of times.

"That kind of hurt." She commented rolling her neck, " Good thing I'm not human or else I would have been dead." She says smiling revealing canine teeth slowly transforming into a 8 foot tall wolf.  This was definitely not a fight I would have chosen if I had knew she was werewolf without a weapon, I couldn't use my strength or any of the previous combat training to make a wound that wouldn't rejuvenated. Sarah growled loudly shaking the moist chamber, and charged with incredible speed that I couldn't dodge. My bones break as they are crushed against the concrete wall behind me, the wall itself cracks, and fissure apear as the full pressure of Sarah and I compact on the wall.  Blood spews out my mouth staining Sarah's fur, and the floor. I slide to the ground defeated.  Sarah in her wolf form apparently couldn't hold back her instincts  as werewolf, and bites deeply into my right shoulder. The pain that my body was experience was to much I passed out in a whitening pain.


Uncountable amount of time I wake up in well lit abandoned room , my body unmoving but I felt no pain. I heard footsteps coming in it was man wearing a white tuxedo with a very pale force, with strange markings on his forehead.

"Ah you wake a again Mr Decloak,my boss was afraid that Sarah had killed you with the werewolf toxin. But miraculously your lay hear alive, and not a werewolf, but yet with the ability to rejuvenate your wounds. You have become very interesting to our studies, along with the knowledge you have acquired about our friend Anon. " The man said with the jovial voice I heard in the chamber.

"What are you going to do with me?"

"Well we've gone through your files, and found out all that you found about Anon. So basically now I want to personally tear you apart, and see  what makes you so much like a human, but more adaptable."  He reply smiling.

"Then why let me gain consciousness?" I question sitting up and trying to move back from the man.

"I want to see how fast you adapt in a battle, before killing you! So guard yourself, and don't disappoint me."  The man says taking out twin pistols, I jump up as he shoots and get on my feet.  The man takes aim, and fire mercilessly the bullets going through my body, tearing body tissues, and sending me backwards to the floor. I breath heavily as blood flooded my lungs, I thought I was going to pass out again, but this time an odd sensation comes over as my flesh reknits itself and the blood disappears. I bring myself to a standing as the man reloaded his twin pistols.

"Ah I see that your body took the rejuvenation of a werewolf, and made it better. As I thought. I'm going to need a better gun with more bullets." He smiles, as he finishes reloading.

"I'm not going to let you." I say with a harsh voice.

"I'm not going to be do anything. Behold my many experiments birthed from all races!" He says as a metallic door raises as team of five humanoids walked in all looking something like a werewolf, vampire or something. They all held a strong military ranked assault weapons capable of firing 50 calibre rounds at an unbelievable pace because of a electro mangnetic chamber. In the eyes of each of the humanoids  you could see they lacked something.

"They do not have their own will only to follow the commands of their master. The most perfect soldier. Don't you think Decloak? I'm hoping some day you will be one of them!"

"Hell no!" I reply charging at him as a fury of gunshots came at me from him, and his experiments. A few bullets clip my body as somehow I become fast and my reaction times seems to speed up, and I dodge the rest as I punch the jovial man in the face, and grab his pistols from him. I turn around as a storm of lead comes at me, I manage to hit the floor before the manage to hit me.

"My turn!" I say getting up and jumping above the heads of the  experiments, and shoot down upon them missing a bunch of times but managing to hit their chest, and shoulders.  I land behind them with ease.

"My soldiers Mr Decloak do not feel pain, and will fight till the very end!"

More of the soldiers began to appear around me in the rounded room with a clear ceiling. I know this place, it was the trading post of Mirask, until a strange event happened years ago causing people to flee the place.  I looked around as hundreds of the soldiers spilled out. I looked towards the open roof seeing various things hanging about, with pillar in the middle of the rounded building. I had to climb out of here.   I ran as the soldiers opened fire, bullets flying all over the place adrenaline took over as I focused  upon both climbing and not getting hit. I got up a story before one of the soldiers took out heavier armaments. Rockets began to fly around me shrapnel and heat causing me to lose my grip I begin to fall, as my wounds quickly seal over. This had to be the end i thought to myself as I fell. But like a blessing from god Something shoots down and grabs me pulling me out of the trading post, and into a helicopter.

"What the hell?" I say surprised feeling a pain my leg as a harpoon was embedded in it. I pull it out shouting a bit. I let the wound seal over as I walk to the cockpit only to see the pilot seat empty with a computer screen.

"Hello Mr Decloak, my name is Anon, and I have a proposal for you."



The End

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