Skye Makintire -- Anon and the New Quest!

The bus hissed and came to a halt at a very rural stop. I thanked the driver and hopped out the door.

This was near the place that the person on the TV said. It was also near a few hills and (ugh!) more forest.

I sprinted along the bumpy, unattended road. I was cover ground quickly(mostly due to excitement). The(ahh! what gender is that person?! I should just call them 'it'. heh) person had said they were expecting me within a week. But I had come this far with in three hours.

The road was becoming thinner and thinner by the yard and a few farms were coming into view.

I saw a large,grey, square building behind a hill. It only had one door in view and no windows. Was this the place? I'm posotive it was.

I jogged up to it and knocked on the door, 'hello? Hello?'

The door creaked open and the lights switched on. There was a seat in the middle of the room and a huge screen on one of the walls.

I braced myself, expecting a attack, I stepped in cautiously.

The big screen came to life and a picture of a random women came onto the screen. A morphed voice rang out accross the inside of the building.

'Thankyou, Skye Makintire, for coming to the location promptly.' The voice kept changing in pitch and was quite hard to understand.

I walked to the middle of the room and plonked myself down on the chair. I looked up at the screen.

'Who are you? And why did you summon me here?'I asked in a rude voice.

'I am Anon---'

'Hah! As in anonymous?' I scoffed.

'Yes, as in anonymous. Shall I proceed with my proposal?'

'Sure, knock yourself out.' I said, waving an airy hand.

'As I was saying, I am refered to as Anon. I am intending to set up a task force of people who are strong, clever and proud enough--'

'Why?' I interuppted childishly again.

'Eh hem. And proud enough. I am doing this because our world and many others are in terrible danger, and this task force of mine will assist in the saving of the worlds. You will be hero's and you will be cherished.'

'Cherished.... Whatever! Will I get paid?' I demanded rudely.

'If it will make you assist us, then yes, we can pay you if you wish. I will go to great lengths to get my small, yet valuble army of hero's.'

'Valuble. . . hero's. . .'I muttered, smiling. This sounded good. I would be cherished. If I help save the world people are sure to send me thank-you money... and rare artifacts...

'I'm in!' I declaired.

'Thankyou. And may you continue to help me in the future also. Ah, and you said you wished to be paid?'

'Oh, I didn't mean to be rude. Let's put it this way: I don't want money(uruuhh much) but if I help you can you give me some new clothes and a place to sleep for while?' I muttered sheepishly.

'Of course. I will send for new clothes immidiently and you may sleep here for as long as you want.'

'Cool! Can I have the same outfit as this one. . . but, uhh, clean?'

'Yes. And I think for each of your  so-called 'missions' you will require a bag.'

'Fine by me.' I grinned.

This was going to be fun. Not just my treasure quest, but my whole life had taken a interesting turn... for the better I hope!!

The End

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