Skye Makintire -- In the City, Recruited!

I was still fuming after about an hour. So I took the anger out several lamp posts and cars. I jogged through the city, it was warmer here than in the forest.

My mind flashed back to when Reggie pulled his stupid little stunt and I kicked another car. Unwittingly ignoring the person inside, they looked up and got out the car.

'Whats your problem, chick? Why did you kick my car?!' He yelled at me, cursing afterwards.

'Sorry, slipped. On the upside, I made it look well-used!' I said kindly.

'Well-used?! What do you--- HOLY CRAP! How can a little squirt like you do so much damage!' He screeched.

'Heh. Sorry about that. Well, gotta run!' I said awkwardly, rubbing the back of my head and taking off again.

I grinned to myself and carried on running. I was almost at the outskirts of the city. Just where I needed to be. The journey went smoother than I expected.

I stopped outside a corner shop and looked  inside. It was quiet so no one would question my rugged appearence.

I stepped inside the grubby, quiet shop and picked up a bottle of water. I glanced at the television in the corner.

There was a cartoon head on the screen. It was quite creepy. The way it just stared at me.

'Skye Makintire.' A voice said. I jumped and looked around.

'Bloody thing! Playing up again!' The scraggly looking shop-keeper grumbled.

'Skyre Makintire. Do not go to the address on the card. Come to the following place:' I realised it was the TV speaking to. . .me?

I stared at the screen and tried to memorise the address. It was even further than the last place.

But. . . I had promised Reggie I'd go. . . Would he be mad if I didn't--- HANG ON!? SINCE WHEN DID I CONSIDER A GUYS FEELINGS?!

Since never. OK, I'm going.

'I'm going! I'm going! Screw Reggie!' I declaired to myself. The cartoon on the screen smiled.

'Please be there by at least next week. We will be waiting.'Then the screen fuzzed back onto the football match. It's as if the. . .uhh. .. person(?) on the screen knew I was going to give up on finding out what Reggie and his coworkers knew and go on this new quest, adventure or whatever you want to call it.

I paid for the water and caught the bus out of the city.

It seems my quest for treasure has taken a little turn of events!


The End

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