Reggie: Return

I ran with no concern of loosing energy. I was free, running wild. I had never felt this way before. I sprinted through the woods, swinging on branches and jumping over rocks. I climbed to the highest peak in the city and stared out into the wilderness. It was a beautiful city with greenery and urban co existing as one. I howled loudly and passionately. My mighty call echoed through the woods and attracted some unwanted attention.

It hit me. Hit me hard. The force crashed into my side and sent my sprawling back into a dying tree. My muscular bulk snapped it clean in to. I groaned and stared through weary eyes at my attacker. Before I knew it he pounced on me I pinned my down with his claws and snarled at me with his ferocious blood stained teeth. The beast stopped his assault and I stared into his navy eyes. They were exactly the same as mine.

"Ronnie?" I laughed. The wolf beast in front of me howled much like I had done then before my eyes turned back into my brother. "It is you Ronnie!"

I embraced him with a hug then asked the many questions in my mind

"Its not a full moon how did you turn into a werewolf?"

Ronnie laughed and instantly turned back into the black coated wolf that stood on its human like hind legs. He was a beast and a monster but I loved him. He turned back into Ronnie and walked me back from the mountain. On the journey I learned the shocking secret of how a werewolf could transform whenever they wanted to.

The End

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