Skye Makintire -- Rescue Mission

{Long chapter :'( lol chapter also >,<}

I tried again one more time. And failed.

'Boys, didn't I say leave this one to me? She's feisty. Just like me.' My attaker leered.

'Get off me ,you bastard or a world of hurt is coming your way!' I shouted. But really, I was trembling in my sandles. I've always been strong so there was no need for me to worry about theives, perverts and such. But this was the first time ever that I had felt so. . . powerless

'Ah, your all talk. Girls like you always come round!'

I blinked, and realised the most obvious choice to get out of the situation. I'd play dumb.

'Kya! Kya! Someone help me!!' I squealed in a girly voice, my usual sarcastic tone had changed to one of a idiotic kid.

'Look boss, she's not strong after all!' One of the hench men laughed.

He tutted, 'you think that terrible acting will work on me?'

The thing around my neck was getting tighter and tighter and I was finding it harder and harder to breathe.

'Crap...'I choked. My hands felt weak and my shoulders were sagging. I'm posotive it wont end like this... no... it wouldn't... some stranger would save me... surely...

The thing loosened around my neck. I gasped for air and my head cleared.

'What the---?'

I spun round and kicked the guy in the stomach. Then a gave him a sucker punch in the jaw.

'This is for thinking I was weak!' I yelled, kicking him, 'this is for talking about me like I was some commen slut!' I punched him. I yelled out random curses, attaking him each time.

He was a bloody mess by the end, I put my hands on my knee's and panted.

A clapping sound came from in front of me. I looked up. And I failed to conseal the shock that crossed my face.



'B-b-but... what the hell are YOU doing here?!' I demanded. I stood up staight and put my hands on my hips. He looked flustered and tried to keep his cool outer-self intact.

'You should thank me. I've just saved your arse.'He told me smugly, then he was suddenly in front of me, 'how're you gonna thank me?'

'Umm. . . Not beat answers out of you?'I asked in a mock nice voice. He looked all jittery again, then recovered.

'How about. . . you instead?'

'What? Your kidding, right? Your so confusing! Whatever would you want from someone like me?' I asked, totally oblivious to the true meaning of the request.

He looked like he was was about to burst out laughing. His dark blue eyes were fixed upon my face and I glared at him.

'Is there summit' up with my face, coward?' I scowled, putting a hand up and patting it around.

'There is nothing wrong with your face. There couldn't be.'He delcaired. The weirdo.

'Anyway, weird outbursts aside, what your name, coward?' I enquired.

'Reggie.' He said. I snorted, trying not to laugh. Reggie? He had to be kidding.

'It seems I'm meeting alot of people with weird names lately.' I snickered.

'My name is not weird.' He frowned.

'Sure, kiddo.' I joked, 'anyway, uhh, Reggie. I thought you had picked up and left again?'

'Nope. I wouldn't I knew those dudes were watching you, Skye, so I came to help.'

'I would have delt with them.' I said in a high and mighty voice.

'Yeah, yeah.' Then he stared at me, making me raise an eyebrow. I frowned as he put a cold hand to my hot and sweaty face. He leaned in and I pulled my neck away.

Then I realised what the little buggar was trying to do. Instinctively, I raised my fist and clocked him one.


'What were you trying to pull you pervert?' I snapped.

'Humph. It seems stong willed-girls like you have a defence mechanism.' He grumbled. Then grinned evilly, 'look, Skye, I gotta go. Promise you'll come to the house on the card, right?'

I nodded, then gasped as the little, grinning blighter kissed me... on the lips then jogged away.

I was a little shellshocked. I guy I just met had swooped down and stolen my first kiss! The... the... ARGGG!!

'REGGIE!!! YOU IDIOT!!!!' I screamed angrily. And his booming, cocky laughter echoed around the forest for a long time.

The End

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