Skye Makintire -- Precious Memories~

I had jogged a few miles already and was working up a horrible sweat. My feet were slipping in my walking sandles and my hair was sticking to the back of my neck. It was a horribly muggy and thick-aired night. But I intended to carry on for as long as I could.

After about ten more minutes of running, I stopped by a fresh-water spring. Giving up on being careful and looking at leaste remotely good; I dunked my face in and gulped in as much water as I could. I came back to the surface and flipped my soaking hair backwards.

This really sucked.

I pulled my now-damp map from my pocket and scanned it. Fifteen miles to go, I could make it by midday tomorrow max. I looked around, I was still in a deep woodland area and it didn't show any signs of thinning any time soon.

I slipped off my shoes and put my feet into the cool, refreshing water. It was sharp and stung at first, but then my aching feet got used to the temprature and felt as though they were in heaven.

I sighed, and pulled out my lion-bone comb from my front pcoket, I scraped it through my ratty, matted hair. It was painful, but it would feel better when my hair felt nice and not grubby. I'd also have to give it a good hack at the next village because it was growing slightly below my shoulder.

I remember when my hair was natural and long. My mother would tend to it every day, twice a day.

'Mummy, why am I the only one with long hair?' I had asked.

'Because, darling, your hair is so beautiful, I don't have the heart to cut it.' She smiled. My mothers hair was also very long, and silky.

'One day mummy, I'm going to have really cool hair. I'm gonna turn it another colour and make it look cool.' I told her.

'But isn't your lovely brown hair good enough for you? I think it's wonderful.'

'Nope! Brown is boring. Everyone has brown hair.' I said to her.

'Ah, but Skye, your brown hair is what you got from me! Don't you want to keep it as a memory when you become a treasure hunter like daddy?' She asked.

'I'll always remember, mummy, I don't need hair to do it!!'

How simple I was back then. After she picked up and left, my memories faded and eventually, I couldn't even remember her face. It was then that my father disappeared and I was on my own.

I went to the doujo and trained hard. I was a good student but I had to leave and become a treasure hunter just like my dad.

It was when I left the doujo that I hacked off my long hair and turned it pink. I needed a colour that would make me forget painful memories.

'My, my, my! It seems we've got a good'n here, lads! W'd get a load for her at Ruperts Inn!!' A husky male voice called out.

'Ugh. I don't have time for this.' I muttered, I got up, put my sandles back on and shoved my comb and map back in my pocket.

I pushed the guy out of the way, and started walking towards the woodland path I was taking.

'Oh no, you don't!' A voice murmured, and something slipped round my neck and I suddenly felt very dizzy.

'No! Get off!' I yelled, I aimed my elbow at his rib and jutted it backwards. He doged it. Wait, he doged it?! Crap, I'm not dealing with a ordingary street-robber here...


The End

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