Skye Makintire -- Thoughts.

'As shole!' I yelled alfter his departing beckside. He didn't even tell me his name, and then he went and kissed me ?? Erugh! It really annoyed me that he was running away, leaving me with a random dude--

'Oh! It's Shark!' I thought outloud.

'S...s...shard...' He muttered in a slurred voice.

'Whatever. Get a hold of yourself.' I told him, he ignored me. I scowled at him, 'I said pull yourself together!' I slapped both of my hands onto either one of his cheeks.


'Good, your awake, Shark.'I grinned evilly, 'now if you do not mind, I need to chase after the coward who just ran away. Good bye.'

I turned from the car and ran off in the direction the guy went in. He couldn't have gone far. . .

'It's SHARD!' Orange-Top yelled after me. I grinned to myself.

After a while of running, I was back into the woodland. I scouted around a bit, with no avail.

'Oi! Coward! Come out! Dude, you wont get far in life from running!' I shouted into the fog, 'come out, come out, come out!'

Then realisation skimmed accross my mind. I pulled the card from the back pocket. Even though the address was far away, I could still get there by tomorrow if I covered ground quickly. I need to find out what this guy knows. I need to see if he knows anything about the treasure, or maybe he has the much more valuble information on my fathers disappearence.

You just want to see him.

Prfft. Boys hold no interest for a treasure-maniac like me. I'm only going for information and maybe a good fight. I've not beaten anyone up lately, My arms need more parctice.

I'll grow weak if I don't get a good fight. And if I grow weak I wont be able to find dad and if I don't find him, I wont be able to find the Great Treasure of WestSu.

'Dammit, Skye! This is NO time to think about him!' I yelled at myself. My head snapped left, a rustling noise came from behind a bush.

I raised my fists and walked towards the shrubb slowly.

'Skye. . .Hmm.' A voice murmured, then a dark shape flew from behind the foliage and disappeared into the night. I didn't catch who it was, not even MY eyes could follow someone. . . or something that fast.

I glanced at the card again. Time to set off. I will gain information!!

The End

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