Reggie: No reply

Why oh why did I head back. My mission was to stay a mystery and just get her to the warehouse without any issues. But there was one big issue. I was in love. I had never felt this way about anyone before. It was stupid to think I was in love...I'd just met her. But she was everything I craved for.  Her hair, her attitude, her fashion sense. It was the oddest thing I had ever seen...but it was unique. She was unique. I longed to be with her.

"Im waiting for an answer!" she hissed. She frowned revealing how evil those pond like eyes could be. Her attempt at intimidation sent chills up my spine. It was so sexy.

"Ummm...." I paused loosing all capability to remain cool and mysterious. We both jumped in unison as a loud car horn sliced through the silence like a knife through butter. Her hand brushed my knuckle and she gasped. I would have if it were not for her beauty silencing me. The horn continued making noise and within seconds I knew where it was coming from

"Don't run away from me!" she cried angrily. I instantly stopped but remembered my mission. I tilted my head and winked before sprinting off into the darkness. I found the source of the noise close by. A small car was awaking the world thanks to a collapsed person on the steering wheel. I punched in his window violently then ripped open his passenger side car door.

"Oh my God" my love screamed. She was horrified by my blood stained hand. I hadn't noticed it yet

"Don't just stand there help!" I roared as I pulled the ginger man out from the car. We rested him on the car roof then observed him. He was unconscious.

"Somebody has spiked his drink!" I announced causing a much unwanted eye brow to be raised

"How do you know that?" she moaned curiously

"I...I've seen it before!" with one quick motion I kissed her sweet forhead and sprinted away. She was like poison to me...or perhaps she was my antidote. 

The End

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