Shard Decloak


Skye Makintire left in a bit of a huff. I didn't care much but a little twitch of worry came I across me as I knew the area where she was heading was far from anything nice. It was hostile death pit of hell. Still wasn't any of my business either, besides her comment about my name bothered me, it bother me alot.  Yeah the name was far from normal much like my childhood which was filled with trips to the hospital, injections, M.R.I's X rays, and stuff I can't even remember. As well as my single mother who treated me very much like an alien kid. Kids also never like me because of my odd coloured eyes. Still didn't stop me from wanting to prove myself to them so I got into lots of fights, at first I lost but for whatever reason my body seems to react to situations quickly. So I got stronger a whole lot faster.

The problem still wasn't solved though then I was just feared, but it all changed quickly, and constantly leading to me standing here in a pub mostly filled with humans a few traces of races. I was here looking for a particular person who had information in this huge blank piece of information around this multi billionaire who spends little money ,and hardly exists but yet has small traces everywhere. This guy irritated all conspiracy theorists, journalists , and detectives. As  for me I was journalist, and detective that worked for a private company that investigated whatever. And unfortunately i was given this crappy case from a dumb ass client who given up the search themselves. Where was this guy anyways?I sat down making sure my trench coat didn't reveal the weaponry I was packing.

"There you are, man I guess you were right that someone can easily pick you out of the crowd. The name is Chalda, and you must be Shard?" A women sat down abruptly in front of me.

"Yes that is my given name." I reply." You told me you had information on the billionaire people have dubbed Anon?"

"I do." She reply's quite shrilly.

"Shhh. We need to keep this private, I mean a billionaire that keeps themselves a well kept secret probably has men everywhere." I say quietly. She shrugs.

" I wouldn't be to sure, I would think more people who know about Anon then. Anyways this all I've got for you, recently Anon, has been contacting the outside world. Really rich men a bunch of corporations, and some undercover beings that might on the occasion do something for Anon. Thing is races all over the world that he is contacting are disappearing off the map. No trace of anything." Chalda says. I cock an eyebrow.

"That is interesting, any contacts I can talk to for their point of view?"

"Sure, just don't tell them it was me."

"Sure, good as done." I reply as she droughts down some names.

"Its been nice chatting with you Shard. I hope we meet another time, and maybe next time you can tell me what you've got on Anon."

"Perhaps." I reply as she disappears into the crowd as fast as she made her appearance around, which I found extremely odd. 

I get myself up from the table quickly ordering a drink before leaving tipping the bartender heavily for my long stay without buying much. However when I stepped outside I found myself quickly becoming drunk.  "Something was horribly wrong with that drink" Was all I could think as I got into my vehicle locking it knowing I was going to pass out within moments.

The End

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