Anon sees disaster knocking at our door


Anon sat in the darkness which was slightly illuminated by a massive screen depicting the scene of violence. Monsters, demons, orcs, robots, everything imaginable had broken the defences of a few dimensional guardians. Anon sat motionless not even a twitch. The dark figure only watched Anon's eyes not reflecting any light what so ever.  On the screen the last few guardians gave dived into enemy ranks which would look to any normal a human a hoard of nightmares. A violet blood sprayed as the dimensional guardians were torn to pieces leaving no evidence of their existence other than the violet blood which rained down upon the nightmarish hoard. Darkness overcame the screen before it fuzzed out.

"It appears now that it is now my move." Anon said swivelling in a chair in the darkness and standing up making distinctive foot steps in the darkness which continued towards which hummed open, with only the inviting darkness behind it and more of Anon's mysterious footsteps.

" I must amass earth's defences from every being, I can no longer ignore the oncoming destruction.  I must amass a force. A force as strong as any military. That can be recognized among world leaders. Upon succeeding that I will have a spokes person to speak in my place so I can still stay in the shadows. But that will not necessarily save us. I need to find allied dimensions! I need to find out who could unlock such power, and who is behind this nightmare plaguing the balance of the universe." Anon said out loud.

Anon had made talking to him or her self a habit ever since decided to isolate him or her self from the everything. This however was not the decay of Anon's great intellectual mind or sense just a habit of having no companion for such a very long time. 

"First is first I need a group of dedicated people of all race willing to lay down there life for friends, or even strangers. I need fighters , scientist, medic's , and of course wealthy people to back up this operation. I guess its time to phone up old contacts." Anon said entering another dimly lit room full of computers. Even though Anon's face was impossible to distinguish the way the light from the computer monitors hit Anon's face it appeared that Anon had a smile.

The End

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