Skye Makintire -- Questions.

I blinked and stared after the dude who had just come up to me and handed me a bussiness card.


My brain was buzzing, no one in my life had been so... so mysterious and so damn confusing!! My 'situation'? Does this guy know about the treasure I'm looking for?! He did say that he could answer my questions....

But the address on the card was in a village quite a long walk from here. . . But if the boy who just came to me knows about the treasure... IT MEANS I'D FIND IT AND BECOME RITCH!!!

Unlike my father, I treaure hunt with only ONE thing in mind: money.

But what if he was planning to strip me of everything I own? Or just kill me...? I've never taken a interest in stranger -danger before because I'm strong and he seemed about my age, so whats the worst he could do? I bet he's no way near as strong as a matrial arts pro like myself.

I slapped my cheeks, 'c'mon, Skye! You can do this!'

I ran out of the rough bushes and tried to see if the guy was still around. But the fog which had now emerged was far to thick. I scowled into the darkness, this always happened to me. Whenever I think I've got a good lead... it disappears and I can't find it!

'Damn it all!' I roared, punching the floor. I yowled and clutched my knuckles. Okay, I'm not really lady-like when I'm angry, but I was so mad I ignored that fact.

'Damn what?' A voice called out, and the brown haired dude emerged from the fog.

My mouth opened and shut like a goldfish, then I pointed at him, 'You!! I have questions! And don't ignore me this time! Who are you, who is your boss, why do you want me to go to this place?! I want to know more about my 'situation!!'' I yelled at him.

He just gave me this smile. Most guys do this. Smile, I mean.

I just glared at him. 'Answers.' I said bluntly.

The End

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