Reggie: Bait

I looked up at the crescent moon and sighed. Soon. I trotted forward nervously twitching in anticipation. The prolonged wait was driving me mad. I did not the event my body craved for, but I knew it had to happen

"It's not that way you idiot!" a voice roared sending chills up my spine. That expecting tone and shrill voice sent goosebumps shooting through my very core. I chased through the woodland bushes listening for her voice.

"Bloody idiots" the same voice sighed just as I was about to approach. I stared through the bushes to her. She was quite a spectacle to behold. Pink hair that she had purpously fashioned in a bob rather than letting grow wild. Her clothes were not to my taste either and seemed to me like she had fallen in a wardrobe and come back out wearing random clothes.

"I could not help but over here your situation!" I grinned displaying my sharp canines to her horrified face. " I may be of assistance"

As she put her hand in her bag I drew from my red checked shirt a business card that I displayed in front of her face. She stared awestruck at my invitation.

"Come to the address tomorrow night. I know a man who can answer all of her questions!"

I stared into her green eyes and felt her nervous energy. Her lip began to quiver in anticipation to a question...that was my cue to exit. I turned on my muddy heel and walked off quickly into the developing fog. She called out questions that I failed to acknowledge

I hope I have done my master proud  

The End

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