Skye Makintire -- Go it Alone.

'Shard. Shard Decloak.' He told me. Taking a step back away from my leathal hands.

'Prrft. Shard? What sort of a name is that?' I scoffed.

'I'll have you know it's a great name. Well, thats what I've been telling myself for 24 years anyway. . .'He said half to pursaude me and half himself.

'Thats wonderful, Shark--'


'Whatever, now, if you don't mind, I'm going. On my own. Without help.'I snapped.

'Great. Like I said, I was just passing by. Oh and, in case we meet again in the near future, whats your name?' He enquired.

'Skye Makintire. And I highly doubt we'll meet again, Shard. And I'm glad about it.' I grumbled. And on that note, I turned on my heel and left.

I really, REALLY hope I don't meet a guy like that again. Infact, I should just steer clear of guys altogether....

The End

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