Skye Makintire -- Treasure Hunter.

'Tell me,' he whispered in my ear, 'what do you think it means to be special?' He was talking a silky voice that was obviously meant to sound intimate and sexy.

'I think...' I began in a soft voice, 'your an idiot.' I snorted and left the table, all I wanted was to find some information about a very special piece I was looking for thats worth a heck of a lot of money. But it doesn't seem possible to go into a pub without being picked up by some bloke.

I pulled out my map and ran my finger along the line I was supposed to be following.

'Bingo!' I muttered and drew a little red circle around my next stop. This town was bound to have lots of jucy information on my treasure!

'What, are you playing something?' A voice asked. I turned around to be face-to-face with a guy with orange hair.

'Nothing!!' I snapped, stowing my map in my pocket.

'Well, I was just passing by and saw your map. I know what your looking for and your best bet is to go through  LindsRange to East Sue, 'cause if you go the way you planned, there is some quite harsh dessert.' He said in a know-it-all voice that I hate soooooo much.

'Humph! Well, I'm going the way I planned because I need some training.' I ginned, smacking my fist into my palm.

He looked suprised, 'wow, for such a scrawny kid, you sure are confident.'

I clenched my fists, 'I. Am. Not. Scrawny!' I yelled, I caught him by the arm and tried to flip him over. With no avail.

'I'm quite skilled you know, martial arts don't work.'

'Dammit! You seriously pis s me off!!' I snarled, letting go of his arm, 'who the heck are you anyway??'

The End

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