I watched Arien climb the stairs from over the bag of supplies I held, her hair slightly swinging side to side as smoothly as the midnight sky it portrayed. Before this voyage life consisted mainly of studies. I hadn't really thought the world had much more to offer than the wonders of magic, but by the way Arien turned and smiled at me with those majestic eyes of hers let me know there were indeed things far more wonderful.


The smell of breakfast hit our group full in the face as we reached the main floor of the tavern. Odael moved towards the counter to make a quick order before we departed and the rest of us found a table.

People of every shape, size, and form filled every corner of the place so it surprised me when a cloaked stranger came directly up to Alexican, who sat across from me.

"What's your name young lady?" he asked, suspicion shoving any politeness from the question.

"A-a-lexican," she muttered, "Why?"
The man only sneered and I felt Jevin slightly nudge me as he reached for the hilt of his sword, "You just looked familiar. Say, what are you're parents' names? I might know them."

"I'm sure you don't," she smiled nervously, "I'm not from here."

"How very strange," he mused, "I could've sworn you looked familiar."

Then, without warning, he clutched her shoulder and yanked her around, searching her deep blue eyes for some sort of clue. Valour and I leapt from our chairs but Jevin beat us to it, standing on top of the table and holding his blade towards the man. It was then that I noticed just how similiar their two cloaks were.

"She's not who you think Quinn," he snarled.

"Why Jevin," he slurred, turning his head towards the fellow ranger but keeping his hand on Alexican, "I thought I'd never see you again old chap."

"Let go of her or it may be the last time you do."

That leer of his sunk into a scowl and he drew his own sword, but not before Valour, having snuck into the scene from behind, clubbed his head with a peice of a broken chair.

He collapsed just as Odael got back.

"Valour?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at the wood he held up and the unconcious man at his feet.

"I just saved your life," he explained, winking at Alexican, "You can thank me later though."

After a quick breakfast, not wanting to hang around there much longer, we headed for the docks. I could already spot the tall masts and my stomach lurched, reminding myself not to climb one of those again.

"Jevin?" Alexican's voice interuppted our otherwise silent trip.

"Yes?" Jevin replied, adjusting the sack of food he had been assighned to carry.

"Who did that man take me for?"

He hesitated, bitting his lower lip in thought, as if debating whether to tell her or not. Finally he consented, "Ukaor's only offspring. Rumor has it that it was a daughter."
"Me?" she laughed nervously, "But why?"

"Well," he sighed, glancing up at her, "You're the spitting image of him."

That seemed to shock her somewhat, "But I'm not the one right? That's what you told him."

Jevin shrugged, having said too much by the look in those yellow eyes, "Just be careful."

The End

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