Jevin--Laughing it Off

I explained what had happened to Lace briefly, but it only built up my steam as I turned to watch Valour's new friend finally walk off, fighting down that infernal temper again. It was nothing--a lousy lollipop for goodness' sake! And I was not about to get worked up over that.

To my surprise, a low chuckle bubbled up from my throat as I listening to myself. Then it grew louder as I thought of how low Valour had gone just to offend me somehow. Before long it was a full 0ut laughter--drawing every single eye in our group.

I guess I let my solemn side show a little too much.

"Are you alright?" Lace asked slowly.

"I...I think so," I answered between giggles.

"No," Valour cut in, "He's lost it. I knew we shouldn't have brought the goblin."

For some reason that struck me as hilarious and my volume uped a notch. To this day I don't know what it was. I hadn't even touched the sea water and we'd had a normal breakfast for travelers. Maybe it was just the stress of everything finally snapping something inside of me.  

"Jevin?" Odael asked, beginning to giggle herself, along with Alexican. I clutched my aching stomach and tried in vain to stop.

"Get-a-grip," Valour ordered, grabbing my shoulders and shaking me. He held up a hand, "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"F-fi-five," I chortled, throwing my hands up in surrender and pulling from his grip, "I'm fine! J-just give me a minute."

Arien rose an eyebrow before muttering something about taking the food to our room and Rerin jumped in to help her. It wasn't until they were back that I had finally calmed down, somewhat.
"Sorry," I chuckled, wiping the tears from my eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

"Well it's about--"

"Don't," I grinned at Valour for the first time this whole trip, "Just don't. You'll get me started all over again."


The End

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