Lace: On the docks

 After Odael made plans with a captain of another ship, I sat on the docks thinking to myself looking at the Medallion that appeared on me last night. The voice echoing through my brain as if it hollow and capable of one though, "Piece by piece you remember important bits of you life leading to how very different you are."

"If I am different, then why do I look the same? Maybe I should be doing something different. Maybe I am not supposed to be fighting with my current comrades? No, that I am sure is right, but what makes me different?" I ask out loud sitting on the dock my legs hanging over the water.  I look at my right hand which held the medallion as if it were turning into a demon's arm.

"Huh your old man die around your house?" An older man says looking like he is on his last few days of life sitting beside me.

"No, this is mine." I say.

"No way can that be yours , that things a tradition abandoned at least 50 years ago." He says angry at me.

"Well I'm different. I woke up a few days ago to a new world, with a voice in my hand that sounds like a curse." I explain.

"Ai, in my time magic was pretty plentiful lots of good soldiers that seemed to defy death,went missing most of them appeared in later years there minds broken. We just figured they couldn't handle the pressure, that they seemed to shrug off so easily."

"I see." I said wishing I could name the place I had been when the shadows engulfed me in my dream.

"Let me see that Medallion." The man grumbles taking it off my hand.

"Yeah just the basic garbage about duty, and then something I can't read," he flips it over, a face of shock on his face.

"That division! This can't exist she! Sh, e she she, Killed everyone and crushed everything to ash!" He says like he had seen a ghost he gets up trying to get far away from me but I cut him off.

"How long ago was this?"

"When I was a kid, boy. If I where you I would toss that medallion away its linked to her the one who vowed on bringing sorrow and darkness upon us!"

"What happened to her?"

"Defeated, but of course as soon as she was defeated Uakor showed up."

"What's her name?" I pleaded like my life was on the line.

" I can't remember no one can, because they don't want to." He brushes past me. I dare not trouble the older man anymore. I looked at the medallion.

"Am I evil?" I ask myself, I replied with a no but I still felt unsure of myself.  I walk back to the others the unease clearly showing on my face as I sat down, Jevin however didn't notice because he seemed quite irritated by something, probably something Valour did, but Alexican quickly noticed as she walked over.

"You don't usually wear a face like that. What troubles you?"

"My dreams, and this." I say showing her the Medallion.

"Why do they trouble you?" She presses on.

"They seem to link me to something or someone evil." I say bitterly getting up," An old man saw this and said it was linked to a division that was crushed to nothingness, and he got scared saying something about this evil woman, or something that was a female. He could not remember her name, he said no one can because they don't want to."

"So I ask myself am I evil? Because she was in my dream, she said she was going to change me."  I say feeling better I told someone else but my confidence still wavered.

"Well you don't strike me as evil, or dark. I think you should put aside your fears, besides if you fear being evil that means you're good. That is seems to make sense anyways." Alexican says as a crowd surrounds Valour, Guessing he did something incredibly stupid again, I investigate still feeling the unease in my stomach but keeping it off my face.

"Why thank you, you people are the only true people who can see me for what I am actually." Valour says sounding smug when usually he would be cowering.

"Yes this man has done many noble things in the name of the people." A burly man says.  I find Jevin quickly.

"Has this town gone insane?"

"You won't believe what started this, he saved a cat a while back. Simple minded fools." He mumbled.

"Ha ha well its probably better than making a soldier hero. You seem pretty angry. What happened while I was gone?"

The End

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