Valour- Winning the Battle

I was utterly miserable. My back ached, my head hurt, and worst of all, nobody liked me still. Getting 'shunned' for something I didn't do, was like a slap to the face, yet I knew if anyone could endure this torture, it would be me.

And besides, I had a little something up my sleeve for Jevin.

We walked the entire 15 miles, and everyone made sure not to add me to any of the conversations. So I had squirrels as traveling companions, nonetheless, I was happy to make it into town, and get some actual human interaction.  Unfortunately, as punishment, I was forced to carry everyone's pack, the whole way.

"Jevin, come help me out." I gave a pitiful frown, hoping to get compassion from the goblin. It would be a miracle if he fell for this.

Jevin narrowed his eyes, wondering what action to take. He looked to Odael, who gave an affirming nod.

"He's had punishment enough for the day, don't you think? Why not go help him out." She asked mercifully. If only she had said that 5 miles back...

Jevin gruffly grabbed a couple of sacks, lightening my load. I gave a sigh of relief.

"You two, will be put in charge of finding an Inn for us to stay in overnight. Lace, Alexican, and I will go secure a voyage for tomorrow, and Arien, you and Rerin can go buy food for us." Odael gave the command, and everyone fell out, eager to obey.

"This way, Jevin, I know where I'm going!" I stated.

"No, I will lead, thank you very much." Jevin took the lead, and for once, I let him without grumbling. He could have it easy until I put my plan into play.

After an hour or so, we found the only Inn on the island, and bought a couple rooms for the night.

It was Jevin's idea to go outside and wait for the others, one I easily agreed to. It was as if the man was in on my plan, and was helping me with it, himself.

I immediately  noticed the others coming back; Rerin and Arien on the left, and the other three on the right. Now was the time to take my chance.

Spotting a small kid playing around on the corner, I rushed over, pushed him down, and stole his lollipop, that he had been licking moments before.

"Are you crazy?" Jevin was outraged. He raced over to me, and I shoved the small candy into his hands, and sat back, to watch my success.

The kid began to cry, and cry he did. He was good at it too, bawling and screaming, getting the whole town involved.

"Jevin, did you just steal that kid's lollipop?" Odael asked, one eyebrow raised.

"No-I-He-" Jevin stuttered, not sure what to think.

Arien cut him off. "That's not like you Jevin. That's a stunt Valour would pull." The three girls rushed over to the help the kid.

I pretended to cough, and stifled a laugh.

Rerin, who seemed very uncomfortable with the kid, watched awkwardly, unsure of what to do.

Jevin began a campaign to convince Rerin to be on his side. "I didn't do anything- It was all Valour-" Giving me a weary eye, Rerin didn't seemed very convinced, but I do think he had his doubts about me.

By now, the girls had gotten the kid to settle down, and he skipped off merrily, lollipop back in his hand.

"Jevin, Jevin, Jevin. Hasn't anyone taught you it's wrong to lie?" I played innocent, really taking the role and making it my own.

"You little hypocrite!" Jevin let his anger get the best of him, yet he didn't lash out at me. Yet.

"First the little guy, and now me. How many people are you going to hurt until this day is through?" I asked, eyes wide in mock-surprise.

"Did Valour really do it?" Alexican asked, almost bored. Sure she thought I was the bad guy, but I could change her mind easily.

"Me? You think I would hurt some helpless child? Why, I'm more caring than that." I was really liking this role.

Before anyone could express anything more, a man walked up, his eyes bright.

"Valour, is that you?" I turned, trying to recognize the guy.

"Why, yes, it is me."

"Oh, you're a hero, you know, a true one, through and through." He shook my hand vigorously, and I beamed.

"Yes, I know. Try telling these people that." I stated, pointing at Odael and Alexican especially.

"You know what this guy did? He saved my daughter's kitten from a tree, many a year ago. He's the greatest, a real knight!" The man gushed, and suddenly I remembered the deed he spoke of.

"Oh, it was nothing." I pretended humbleness, and the man continued to revere me. I loved the guy, and I couldn't even remember my name.

"Hear that guys? I'm a hero. A true hero." I nodded, laughing and happy again, that at least someone recognized me for what I was worth.

The End

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