Alexican - Nightmares and revelations

All around me was fire, fire burning impossibly high. The woman I believed was my mother screamed, looking for a way out, for any way out, while in front of her a man stood, untouched by the flames, pleading and then yelling at her in words I had never been able to make out.

At a shout from her he shrugged his shoulders and then vanished, and the flames seemed to climb higher. I could hear a desperate shout from outside the flames now, and the smoke choking my lungs. My mother was getting less frantic as she began to cough, still clutching me to her, and still looking for a way out. 

Like every time I had had this dream before, she began to fall, managing to ensure her body broke my fall even as she rushed into unconsciousness, thrusting me towards hands suddenly appearing through the flame in her last attempt at saving me. 

I awoke with a scream at that point, startling the others around me. Ignoring them, I couldn't shake the image of flames, the feel and smell of burning flesh and took off with a run from my sleeping position to the nearby beach. Water always served to remind me that it was just a dream, a rather vivid one but just a dream. 

I quickly dove under the water, then emerged, gasping for breath. I was calmer now but the dream was still with me. Like other times I wondered whether it was more than merely a repetitive dream, but I was young when my mother died, barely a year old. Far to young to remember the fire that killed my mother and nearly killed me so clearly.

I waded out of the water to where Lace and Arien were waiting on the shore, watching me carefully. It seemed that the others had gone back to sleep after a few quiet words from Arien that she'd make sure I was alright. 

Just as I stepped from water to sand I gave a sharp cry. Looking down I noticed a piece of twisted metal, probably from the ship, protuding from my foot. It wasn't in deep, but it was painful.

"Are you alright?" Arien asked, rushing over. Lace stood on the shore still, scanning the surrounding area.

"I will be when I get this thing out,"I said through gritted teeth, hopping over to here and sitting in some reasonably dry sand. Nodding, Arien squatted beside me, and carefully touched my foot. "This will hurt," she warned me, before pulling out the metal in one quick grab.

I gave another little cry, and Arien ripped a bit of material off her already tattered skirt to wipe away the blood and ensure the wound wouldn't need further treatments. And yet, when she wiped away the blood she gave a little start, looking at me in shock.

"What is it?" I asked, worried. "Is it deep?"

Arien frowned, shaking her head, so I moved my foot to where I could see it. There was still a trace of blood on it, but other than that the foot was whole, untouched. There was no trace of any cut, beyond a small silvery scar, barely visible in the moonlight, so like the others I wore all over my body, the scars I believed were the only remains of any injury of the fire I had been in as a babe. 

"But... I don't understand..." I began, staring at my foot. I frowned, then picked up the piece of metal again, staring at it. Before Arien had time to react I plunged it into my arm, causing her to give a very worried cry of alarm, which brought Lace over to us.

"Are you mad girl?" he asked, staring at my arm. Gritting my teeth against the pain I could feel, I carefully pulled the metal back out and stared at the wound. Like the foot there was blood, but on wiping the blood away there was only a small wound remaining and even as we watched the skin knitted itself back together.

I glanced at Arien and Lace who were both staring at my arm in shock, the new scar silvery in the moonlight but barely noticeable once more like my other scars. "What am I?" I asked, worry in my eyes. 

The End

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