Aerin: Stranded

I slowly blinked my eyes open, my hair and clothes still incredibly damp and my limbs feeling the odd sensation of...crustiness? A sky speckled with a million stars glittered above my head, and for a brief moment I believed that I was in the camp of Traders, sleeping under the night sky as we had done so many times.

 Sitting up, a confusion hit me like a punch to the gut. It was nowhere near my makeshift home, I was laying on a beach, waves crashing against the shore. The strange feeling that I identified as crustiness was simply sand, aherring to my wet clothes and skin.

It took me a moment to figure how I got here-the mast snapped, the boat crashed and sinking, went black. Though I felt no injury. I stood, observing my surroundings a bit longer before walking closer to where others sat and lay, feeling quite rested and awake now.

Lace was standing watch, gazing out into the blackness of the night with lost, thoughtful eyes. He caught sight of me, and said, "Awake?"

I nodded, finding a seat beside him. Quietly, I looked over all the sleeping forms, assuring that all had made it in safely. "What happened?" I asked.

"No one seems to know," Lace half smiled. "You were passed out but not hurt." He shrugged. "Anyways, our ship and supplies are at the bottom of the sea. We're stranded here on this island."

He paused, scanning through the night, finishing, "For who knows long."

The End

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