Lace: Becoming more alike

After getting firewood together and the brief conversation with Odael, I attempted to stay awake to watch the see which had calmed from its churning, and see the sun set into the waters, but I was nodding off to sleep and no matter how much I resisted I was going to sleep.

"I would like to commemorate these soldiers for various reasons but mainly for outstanding bravery and not fleeing when all was lost." A man out of view said over a crowd of very sad looking people. In a city of grey and even the sky seemed to be sad threatening to rain. A general comes through giving us a badge and a medallion. I inspect the back of it seeing ancient script again. Quickly walking off the platform the dream changes to a scene of burning buildings and soldiers doing what they can despite the clear look of despair on there faces as flaming rocks poor in crushing and scorching things. Summoned being bashing through the walls quickly over running every frail human being. I turn to face quickly being swept into the darkness.

"Piece by piece you remember important bits of you life leading to how very different you are." A voice cackles, I wanted to respond but I couldn't and the dream shifted again laying on the cold ground various body parts were missing too tired to say anything despite the intense pain, through the pain a figure glides among the debris inspecting bodies until it comes up to me.

"Alive? How interesting, you must be in great pain. I wonder what make you want to live in the state your are in." The figure voice was melodic and hard to say whether it was male or females, voice.

" Too close to death to talk, I pity you. I could make something out of you, if you hold onto life a bit more."

"Lace!" A voice splits the dream. I turn away trying to run from the voice.

"Lace get up!" I recognize the voice surfacing from the dream seeing the faces of my comrades around me.

"Uh, what are you guys doing?"  I ask groggily, some roll there eyes.

" I don't know you seemed to be in pain, and for some odd reason a symbol appeared behind you, then your uniform changed a bit it looks well , less beaten up and except for  this." Jevin throws a string attached to two silver metal clips and torn up piece of smoot black frabic coming from the metal clips.

"It looks like. Arg." My head hurts like something was trying to crush it stops and I remember what it used to be," It was a cape, but now it looks like rags." I say shaking it the medallion falling out of it. Jevin picks it up.

"Do you know what this is?" He asks.

"I just dreamt about it. I was given it in some sort of commemoration for bravery."

"Its got a fair bit of reading spells on it the words are all blurred."  He tosses it back to me. I  look at it and see a clear written message at the bottom of the ancient language.

' You look almost like him.'

"Like who I?" I questioned out loud.

"Excuse me?" Jevin turns to face me.

" It says under some ancient writing I can't read ' you look almost like him'"

"Intriguing. If I were you I would ask Rerin he said he felt some strange magic when the symbol appeared."

"What did it look like?" I ask.

"Circle and in the middle A mess of lines with a circle in the middle your body covered everything inside that smaller circle can't say what was in there."

"Thanks Jevin. Is it my turn for watch by any chance?"

"If you want I'm pretty tired and I don't want wake that idiot up." He grumbled, I gave a slight smile, it would be quite the day if those to work together well, and maybe one day they might have to, and I hope that is when they will do there finest. I think to myself taking up watch putting on the torn and ripped cape that barely reach past my shoulder bones on.


The End

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