Rerin -- Camping On the Beach

I slumped wearily onto shore, looking for a nice shady spot to set Arien down. I wasn't exctly sure what had happened when the mast collapsed besides the fact that after the sailors had helped me out from underneath it, they'd also pulled out her limp form. I only hoped it wouldn't remain so.

"Is she alright?" Jevin asked when I finally propped her up against a tree.

"I don't know," I muttered in response.

"What happened?"
"I don't know." I was simply too tired to go into the details I did know. I watched as he began to inspect her head for any sign of injury. Finally he sat back with a puzzled shrug, "Nothing. Did she swallow any water?"
"Not that I know of. We were on deck the whole time." That's when I saw his yellow eyes avert to the pale ring on her finger and I could tell he was fighting back the urge to inspect it also.

"Then I'm afraid there's not much I can do to help," he finally sighed, "Just keep her out of the sun."

I nodded, grasping her hand and squeezing it gently to in hopes that a small healing spell would do the trick.

"Did anyone think to save the food?" I heard a sailor groan.

"Are you kidding?" Alexican sneered, "We barely escaped with our lives." She was really beginning to come out of her shell.

"I'll go forage," Jevin volunteered. I assumed he was just trying to do anything to get within the furthest distance of Valour's big head as possible. But it seemed to sort of backfire on him.

"Me too," Valour announced, sitting up from his spot in the shade, "To make sure our goblin doesn't get into any trouble. Besides--"

Jevin whirled around furiously, his damp cloak whipping around his ankles, "If I wanted help, I'd ask."

"Just go you two," the princess said wearily, "We need food."

I smiled softly to myself, knowing Jevin wouldn't dare disobey an order from his dear Odael.

 I finally decided I'd best help out to and got to my feet. The storm had ceased and the clouds began to clear, but just in time for the day's light to fade, so I decided we could use a fire. Lace was one step ahead me, already setting down some logs in the center of our beachside camp.

"Now all we need is--"

I outstretched a hand and muttered a quick spell, immediatly igniting the small pile.

"That," Princess Odael smiled, "thanks." She then turned to everyone else, "Can anyone let me in on what happened during the storm. I seemed to have fallen unconcious during it."

"You mean he didn't tell you?" one of the sailors asked.

"Who, Jevin? No."

"Well you fell overboard," Lace offered matter-of-factly, "And he jumped in after you."

"He did?" she seemed both surprised and touched at the fact.

"Yes. But Valour had taken over the steering and was heading for a rock."

"Didn't he see it?"

"Of course not, you know Valour. Anyways, the mast had collapsed so I decided I should help."

So that's how the ship had made that near-impossible turn.

"Wow," she put a soiled-gloved hand to her head, "I missed all that? So what happened to Arein?"

"We were on the mast," I explained, causing the princess to gasp.

 "What happened? Is she alright?"

I shrugged, "My guess is as good as yours."

"You idiot!" We didn't even bother turning our heads as the distant yell came from the direction of Jevin and Valour.

"Those two," Alexican sighed with a shake of her head. We were all in desperate need of sleep and I just couldn't wait for them to get back so we could finally decide on watch and turn in.

The End

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