Valour- Showing them all

So they had left me in the water to die- I should have been outraged at them, but I wasn't. They were all jealous, and who could blame them? I was me, and it was hard to beat a person as great as me.

After spluttering for a few minutes and trying to gather my strength, I swam over to a floating keg, and placed my arm around it. This would be my ride.The boat gained speed and raced ahead of me; I followed after it, doing my best to navigate towards it.

It took about half an hour, when the boat began to really sink, and diminished to nothing. I saw the others jump into the water, and quickly let go of the keg I had been holding and followed after them. It only took a couple of minutes until I was swimming towards the island with the rest of the group.

"Thanks for that swim, really allowed me demonstrate my strength." I winked at Alexican, and she looked away, probably impressed with my skills. "I swam all the way, without taking a break."

The island was only a few yards off, and it took us all of five minutes to reach it. The land felt good beneath my feet, and we all sat on the beach, trying to catch our breath and taking in  our surroundings. I tried telling Odael about my heroic swim, but she seemed preoccupied with other matters, and eventually I gave up. 

It seemed as if they all still weren't over the whole 'me wrecking the ship' thing. These people could hold grudges like no other. It's not like I purposely placed the rocks in my path, heck, I didn't even see them there! Somehow, this was all Jevin's fault, and I knew it. I would just have to make the others see it my way. I would show them all, and they would just have to believe me.

Deciding on a quick nap before taking any action against Jevin, I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift to sleep as the others discussed where we were to go.



The End

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