Odael- More questions then answers

Jevin had left me to rest, something that I knew wouldn't happen. Even though I felt sick to my stomach, and my head felt as if a boulder had smashed it, there was too much excitement for me to get any rest.We were in the middle of a storm, and it was my duty to make sure everyone was okay. Besides that, I was soaking wet, and very uncomfortable.

I got up- way too quickly- and my head pounded, as if it were to fall off. Placing one hand on my head, I took it more slowly, and exited the small hold I had been laying in. It was raining lightly, but it seemed as if the storm had let up. The first sight I was greeted by was Jevin and Valour fighting, something that didn't brighten my spirits. Before I could find my voice to chasten the two of them, and make myself known, the boat lurched, sending the two of them sprawling. Myself, I held on to a rail, careful not to worsen my condition any more than it needed to be.

"I suggest you tie yourselves down for a little bit guys," Alexican cried out from her position. Valour and Jevin were still both attempting to get back to their feet. "This is going to be one bumpy ride until she goes under. However, short of that get me anyone of our party with magic and the strength left to use it. We're going to fall short of that land and any push they can give us will get us that bit closer." 

"Might I give a suggestion, ma'am?" All four of us turned our heads in the direction of the voice.

A gruff looking sailor, one that seemed to have lots of experience, held his cap in hand, and bowed respectfully at Alexican.

"Yes?" She asked, a little weary, and turning her gaze back towards the sea.

The sailor stepped forward, and his comrades followed, about five or six of the other sailors.

"Well, the ship will sail much faster if we get rid of some of the cargo. That's usually what our captain does in situations like this." The sailor gave a small glance at the unconscious captain, something I hadn't noticed before. Maybe we were worse off than I knew.

Alexican nodded, seeing the reason in that.

"We we're going to ask your permission that he would be the first thing we throw off the ship." All the sailors gave glares to Valour, who seemed surprised.

"Me? What did I do?" I was bewildered. Why did these men want to put Valour's life in danger?

"Permission granted." Alexican gave a smile, and gave a small glance to Valour, who seemed flabbergasted.

"Somebody do something!! I'm innocent!!" Valour tried taking off, but the men grabbed him, pinning him to the spot.

Jevin was at the very head of the group, helping pull Valour to the side of the ship.

My eyes widened. Was everybody going mad?

"Stop!" I gave my best yell, although it wasn't much.

Everyone turned, finally noticing my presense.

"Princess, I thought you were asleep!" Jevin cried in surprise.

"I couldn't sleep." I admitted sheepishly, then turned my gaze to Valour, who was still trying to fight off the sailors. "Why are you throwing Valour overboard?"

"Yes! Finally someone's on my side!" Valour called out, excited to be released.

The first sailor stepped forward again. "He almost killed us all, your highness. He took over the ship without any permission."

I glanced at Valour, trying to see if it was true.

"This is what you get for doing a good deed? I was just doing everyone a favor!!" Valour jerked his shoulder out of a sailors grip, but seconds later was pinned down again.

Jevin shook his head. "You don't know when to quit, do you?"

Alexican nodded at me, and I knew I had to trust her.

Smiling I gave one last command. "Go easy on him."Turning my back, I heard a yelp, and then a splash. It seemed as if we would have to find Valour later.

"I hope ye are a good swimmer!" One of the sailors called out, laughing.

"And good riddance!" The first sailor hooted, slapping his knee and chuckling.

The rest of the sailors fell out, trying to find some more cargo to get rid of. It seemed as we were all going to be swimming if the ship didn't get to land soon enough.

Still holding my head, I hoped someone would enlighten me to what had happened exactly, and soon, because my head swarmed with confusion and anxiety. It had to have been one mass of a storm we all endured, and I didn't remember anything of it.

The End

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