Alexican - fighting against nature itself

We hit the rock, hard, but not head on, causing a large hole to rip open in the side of the ship and an almighty grating sound. I could immediately feel the wheel lurch under my hand, as the ship began taking on water. It took all my strength to fight against it and to keep the ship headed towards the land I had glimpsed ahead now. It seemed an impossibly far distance and as we went we would be taking on more and more water. But if I could just get us close enough...

I was dimly aware of the shouts behind me that let me know that Jevin, Odael and Lace had made it back on board. Further shouts registered in my mind, along with a crash and another shudder of the wheel and I knew we had lost the mast. I prayed that whoever was up there, Rerin I think and maybe Arien had gone that way, would be alright but I had no time to focus on them. From the shouts it had seemed for a moment that whoever it was was a goner but then something must have happened for their were relieved shouts from that side of the ship again.

I also noticed a few minutes later Jevin hurrying Odael past me, into the chamber further down the ship I'm sure. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Valour begin to stir and hoped he would stay under. I was already fighting against the wind, the waves and the giant hole in the ship, with little experience. I did not need to fight against Valour as well. 

Valour had just gotten to his feet and was making his way back to him when Jevin tackled him. There seemed to be a bit of a scuffle between the two from the sounds of it, but I couldn't look, my mind was focused on trying to not let the ship lurch too much, to trying to get it to limp its way closer to shore. I did manage to hear Valour call out "See. Just ask Alexican."

"Oh and your steering it into a rock didn't help things," I shouted, not taking my eyes off the land.

"The rock that you hit?" Valour shouted back, stepping closer towards me.

"I only hit it because by the time I got the wheel there was no avoiding. Jevin, please shut him up and keep him away. If I move one inch from this wheel the ship is going to lurch horribly to that side it has a hole in, and then we'll take on more water. We're limping along on a hope and a prayer right now."

The ship lurched again then, sending both Valour and Jevin tumbling the opposite direction. I managed to hold my feet still. I had always had a weird sense of balance, and, further I was hanging onto this wheel like my life depended on it. But it wasn't just my life that depended on it, it was all of ours. 

"I suggest you tie yourselves down for a little bit guys," I yelled in the direction in which Valour and Jevin were both attempting to get back to their feet. "This is going to be one bumpy ride until she goes under. However, short of that get me anyone of our party with magic and the strength left to use it. We're going to fall short of that land and any push they can give us will get us that bit closer."

The End

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