Jevin -- Back On Board

I muttered a whole-hearted thanks to Lace as he helped to pull Odael onto the lopsided deck so I could climb up myself. But I felt anything from safe as the it had a gaping hole in the side of it and its mast had collapsed.

 But it could've been worse, far worse.

I looked up to see that Alexican now had the wheel and a rush of relief rushed over me as she seemed to know a whole not more of what she was doing than Valour obviously had. I turned the my head the other direction to see what I desperatly hoped was land through the still-raging storm. I wasn't sure how experienced Alexican was at sailing, but I put all my trust in her to get us there. I had other matters to attend to.

Lace and I leaned over Odael, searching frantically for any sign of conciousness. I put two fingers to her neck and relaxed slightly as I felt a pulse. It was a little slower than I'd like, but it was a pulse.

The ship rocked again, sending just about everyone but Alexican and a few sailors tumbling to one side. Lace almost rolled out again and I managed to clutch the straps of one of his shouldergaurds and heave him back on, considering it a small payback for the enormous heroism he had performed.

The impact must've triggered something because suddenly Odael burst into a fit of coughing, emptying her lungs of the salt water along with my head of worry.

"J-Jevin?" she asked weakly.

"Yep," I said excitedly, "that'd be me."

"What's going on? What happened?"

"Nothing," I muttered, helping her to her feet and leading her across the deck towards the captain's quaters--the nearest shelter.

"Nothing?" she rose a slender eyebrow, "I wouldn't have been unconcious if it was nothing."

"I'll explain later," I said, passing Alexican and entering the small cabin. Ignoring her protests, I made sure she was resting in the hammock before I left, knowing a swim like hers left a person as good as dead with exhaustion.

And speaking of the sapping of energy, I began to look around for Lace, feeling a slight pang of embarrasment for forgetting him in my concern for Odael.

I spotted him simply lying where I had left him and was about to head that way when I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. Turning, I saw that Valour had also gained concious and was attempting at making his groggy way towards Alexican--to take his place back I assumed.

"Oh no you don't," I muttered, yanking him back by the collar of his tunic, thinking in his state he'd actually listen. But boy was I wrong.

"Get your grimy goblin fingers off of me!" he demanded, grabbing my wrists and twisting them beyond their limits before shoving me into the wall of the captain's cabin. My head knocked uncomfortably against the soggy wood and my fists clenched angrily as he once again moved towards the wheel.

This time I ran right up in front of him and shook him by the shoulders, "Don't you get it!? You almost killed us all--including Odael!"

"Me?" he scoffed, "Nah, it was this hunk of wood they call a ship. Can't sail an ocean to save its life."

He was hopless. Utterly hopless.

I opened my mouth to attempt at yelling some sense into him but another buck of the ship sent us tumbling the other way.

"See?" he shouted above the storm, "Just ask Alexican."

I rolled my eyes, wondering why I didn't just go help Lace.

The End

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