The wind slapping at the sails, popping violently and flapping in each direction, we were headed directly for the great rock protruding from the rocky sea. Rerin wrapped one arm about the sail and the other about my waist, pulling me near to him. The feeling the magic prickled around us, I assuming that Rerin was casting some sort of spell. I hid my head against his chest, laying my trust in him as I closed my eyes.

  The crush of wood against stone mixed with the rain as the ship lurched to a halt. The sails snapped in two, sending the two of us plummeting through the biting rain to the rocks. I screamed, slipping from Rerin's arms, frantically grasping for his hand. He cried out, his face contorted into a grimace as he tried to keep a hold of my hand, both of ours soaked with the salty sea water, as well as the broken post, wobbling us threateningly over the rocky outcrop and certain death from such a height.

  Through the grey blur of the rain, I saw him chanting under his breath, reaching for magic. My heart beating wildly, I ran through the few spells I had been taught over the years. Nothing.

  My fingers were quickly slipping from his. Whatever spells he attempted there seemed to be little to no affect. Out of impulse I began to shout, but strange words that the meanings I did not know passed from my lips. The ring on my finger wavered like water, glowing like a beacon through the dark storm. It's silver light was spreading all through my hand. Slowly it crept into Rerin's own arm, draining from mine. My energy began to wane terribly. Colors flashed before my eyes, the world became a dizzy blur. The last thing I remembered was Rerin's cry of a spell and him pulling me back up to him with a renewed energy flashing in his eyes.

 The silver light flickered out and I went black.  

The End

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