Lace: Water


On the deck was utter chaos men just in a disorganized fashion men falling tumbling or going over the side of the ship, Jevin jumped off saying something about Odael, men struggling I finally had enough.

"Stop first things is first tie your self to something like the mast so you won't go flying over the side second. Secure whatever needs to be secured while another group tries to rescue you the others or else we all will be lost!" I shout. They take the idea and soon everyone was now a little bit safer but there was still the poor people stuck in the ocean, the boat rolls and lightening flashes revealing a large rock ahead.

" We are going to be ship wrecked!" Everyone cries I head to the end of the ships doing my best not to slide over the surface to see if  was anything I could do the bottom of the ship began to chip under its own weight against the rocks, I jump off the ship the ice cold water up to my knees. My feet planted securely on the ground I summon magic around my body increasing my strength hoping this will work, I try to push the boat out of collision course. At first I was sliding backwards until i come upon a secure hold halting further travel to the rocks. I grunt trying to ignore my quickly tiring body. I bend my knees hoping that I would have enough strength to push forwards, my body begins to shake the magic beginning to leave my body I push forwards with success but at the same time a point of the rock rips a good hole in the side of the ship. I collapse into the water breathing hard, I begin to float where ever the tides take me.

" Lace!" A voice says over the ocean my tired brain doesn't register as I continue floating among the swells of the waves.

"Lace help me out here! We need to get back on the ship!" It was Jevin.

" Ship?" I say tiredly.

"Wake up, and don't fall asleep you'll die!" I hear as a wave of water plunges me under, my body jolts alive adrenaline coursing through my veins. Struggling against the tons of water trying to keep me down I eventually surface again onto of a wave Jevin and Odael below. The ship fifty feet in there direction, I fall down with wave crashing down with Odael and Jevin who where now I under water I grab hold of something and yank them up Jevin gasping for air.

"The ship is slowing down." I comments

"That's because its gaining water. lets use the fact that they are slowed down to catch up." Jevin instructs trying to swim while keeping Odael above the water he look dead tired and warn down. I wanted to help but there nothing I could think of that would help, I was struggling to stay above the water.  For what felt like forever we got slowly closer to the ship Jevin pace slowing I grab his shoulder his arms slowed I pull up ahead. Doing so I look into the water catching a dark silhouette of a rope. When another bolt of lightening lit up the storm ocean.

"Jevin." I say


"At this rate we aren't going to make it. We are going to need something extra."

"And that would be?" He said tired.

"I think there is a rope under water here but one of us is going to get and its pretty deep."

"What makes you think that?"

"I think I saw it. I will try to bring it up but gauging how much energy I have left I'm not sure if I will be able to pull myself back to the ship." I say. my arms felt like blocks of lead my feet hardly moving.

" Well just hold onto the rope and hope they drag us back on board." Jevin says.

" Alright lets just hope there is a rope." I say diving into the water the cold slowly constricting the muscles around my chest. It takes me twenty seconds to reach the bottom I tap the cold stone bottom trying to feel for the rope each second desperation eating away at me. A minute passes and I give up just waiting to drown when I feel the wet material of the rope. I grab it and pull up but a dead weight making it impossible I feel to guess what it is. It was a boot attached to a dead body. I had come so far but still failed the only way was to cut the body off but I left my sword and what ever else on the ship.  I futility try to lift the dead body along with the rope getting only a few more feet till my limbs went dead, my vision blurred. I was out of air. That until I surfaced Jevin held a knife in his hands.

"You took forever you should have asked me for a knife?" He said.

" Sorry." I mumble just holding onto the rope.

"We aren;t done yet seems like there is some tension on this things we've got to try getting closer to the ship Jevin." Says breathing hard.

" Alright I will try."



The End

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